C-ute Campus Life live sub

I’ve been a bit busy recently so haven’t made any blog posts in about a month. However I have plenty of H!P goodies heading my way in the post so I’m sure once things start arriving I’ll have plenty to blog about. In the meantime I’ve been discovering the wonders…no…beauty of  Hello! Project in Blu-Ray. I mean just look at the loveliness on show…


So with such beauty to behold I thought I’d sub an overlooked classic of C-ute’s. Campus Life is actually a damn good song but, well for me at least, I’ve overlooked it because of the brilliance of Dance de Bakoon! and the almost as good Aitai Lonely Christmas and Kiss Me Asihiteru. Well now the time has come to right that wrong. Oh and look out for a really cute wink from Nacky…

I really love these costumes.

All the members look great. Also I don’t mention her that often but I love Airi’s hair in this concert. ^^

Not as much as I love Nacky’s mind you. 🙂

Dance Special is a great concert and well worth watching. So many great songs and the five members are as excellent together (and separately) as always. It’s pretty much my favourite concert of theirs and in Blu-Ray it’s even more brilliant.

I really hope there’s the chance to buy a Nacky solo version of this concert sometime. If there is I am so there. 😀


6 responses to “C-ute Campus Life live sub

  1. This isn’t one of my favourite C-ute songs, but after watching your sub I appreciate the song in a new way. Even though I know some Japanese, I can never understand a song completely unless I read a translation. I never knew the lyrics for this song were so cute! 🙂 Smiles and hugs and bumping heads together. 🙂 Really nice performance and I totally agree about the costumes, they are great. It’s also the members’ colours, right?

    (To everyone who reads my blog too. I have changed my address a while ago, it is now: http://mtsayurin.wordpress.com – sorry.)

    • Yes they are all in their own colours. The whole individual colours is both a great marketing ploy and a great thing for a fan. I loved standing in Paris with my yellow and blue Ai and Junjun glowsticks. XD The ability to show your true colours (pardon the pun) is a great thing. Mind you it does depend on the colour of your favourite members. Konkon and Sayu were always pink, So was Rika. I was glad Konkon was a Gatas goalkeeper so at least I could wear something dark coloured. ><

      • Yes, the individual colours really are a nice thing! I should have chosen my glowstick colours more wisely for Paris though, I should have got all pink or something as orange and purple didn’t really mean that much to me. By the way, if I’m not mistaken, Sayu’s colour was yellow until Konkon graduated, so it hasn’t always been pink. I also have a vague memory of Sayu+brown but that might be wrong. But really, nothing wrong with wearing pink. Also you wear the T-shirts to show support for your favourite member, not to impress people with your great style and fashion sense. 😀 And… You know what happens when Aichan graduates, right? Better start getting used to the idea now. 😉

  2. It’s interesting, I had kind of overlooked this song too because it was overshadowed by other *better* songs. But it really is a good song. I had never read the translated lyrics before so thanks for the sub. I’ll have to DL this concert – it definitely looks like one worth watching.

    BTW, I just watched Black Angels yesterday (subbed by Hyakupa). Maimi is definitely hot in it but I have to admit that it’s a terrible film. I was really disappointed but it’s still worth watching just to see Maimi kick ass in that sexy dress.

    • I kind of suspected Black Angels would be a bit poor. Even so, from the previews I’ve seen of Maimi in it I think I’ll quite enjoy it. ^^

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