Song lyrics. They are interesting things. Some songs are about weighty subjects such as social injustice, war, death and violence while others are about sweeter, happier, more innocent subjects like love, laughter, thanking Heaven for little French girls and playing with a little child’s ding-a-ling. Some writers go to great lengths not to explain the meaning of their songs while others find other methods to keep the audience on their toes. Michael Stipe of REM for instance never prints his lyrics anywhere and refuses to discuss his songs meanings. Shane McGowan meanwhile always keeps his songs fresh for live performances (and his audience guessing) by getting absolutely wankered before a gig so he’ll be the last person to know what he’s singing about. Then of course there are songs with very obvious meanings. Sir Bob Geldof wrote I Don’t Like Mondays about a 16 year old girl who in 1979 went on a shooting spree at a school in San Diego. Tori Amos wrote Me & A Gun about her experience of being raped. Elton John rewrote Candle in the Wind to change it’s subject matter from Marilyn Monroe’s death to Elton John’s own experience of mawkishly chasing ambulances. Justin Bieber meanwhile wrote Pray about his fear of being discovered to be so far in the closet he’s having adventures in fucking Narnia.

But what about idol groups? Does being in an idol group mean you can’t sing about serious subjects? And just what are these idols singing about anyway? Obviously most songs seem to focus on love or friendship. Topics that middle aged writers (and wotas) tend to think young girls are obsessed with. Although to be fair if they wrote about what most young girls are really obsessed with then there’d be an awful lot of songs about Glee, Justin Bieber’s cock and how great The X Factor is. Oh and getting fingered.

Sometimes though an idol song comes along and comes out with something so random that you can only presume that someones subconscious had briefly taken over and reached out to new planes that lay hitherto undiscovered to the non-drugged mind. This can be said to be the case with C-ute’s Lalala Shiawase no Uta. I think clearly Tsunku had been smoking something powerful. Not only did he see a lot of what had been going on at H!P back then but he also foresaw the future too. What am I talking about? Well when you look at the ‘accepted’ song lyrics and translations everything seems lalala happy woo woo but once you realise that they are actually singing in English the song suddenly takes on new dimensions. I have therefore deciphered what C-ute were actually singing and so I am proud to present the debut of Morning Pee Fansubs. Enjoy…

By the way in case Youtube does the usual thing and deletes my account you can download the file here.


5 responses to “Lalalalalalala

  1. You are a wicked individual. First, wotas will put a jihad on you and bomb your house. Second, you will go to Hell for this, no doubt. Third, you will suffer, we both know who is waiting for you down there. She who shall not be named.

  2. Of course he’s jocking ! Wicked is actually a compliment, as you are the best H!P blogger I knows. And I’m sure Hell is nice place to live, Cerberus guarding at the gate, and Aya treating the guests with courtesy. Good enough for me at least !

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