Michishige Sayumi – HelloPro! Time episode 6 subbed segment

Hyakupa have subbed the Sayu segment of HelloPro! Time episode 6. Which means…review time!

Right. It’s early morning and I’ve just woken up…

Well good morning! ^^

Is it my birthday again already?

Yes? We are having a whole day of playing hide the sausage?

Oh you are cooking? That must be why it’s so hot in here. ^^

Wait…you’re really cooking? Ah! Umm…well I think I already ate. Err…oh but you’re so cute and I don’t want to leave. Oh what the Hell. Salad huh? Lettuce pray. >.>

Yes and frankly when Niigaki realises you’ve taken it without her permission she’s gonna be really annoyed. [/CFB]Poor Ai-chan. :_______________: [CFB/]

Hey hold on…you are suddenly cooking? And you are using a cucumber? You haven’t been sending any food to Germany have you?

OH Buddha. I don’t care who you’ve been poisoning. THAT FACE. TAKE ME! TAAAAAKE MEEEEEE!

Kinky. Well I’m game.

I’ll be gentle.


There’s cooking? Oh right yeah…

Okay Sayu while you cook I’ll just go and book an appointment at the doctor’s. I suddenly developed this swelling in my groin. >.>

Yes she should. Give her a bone.

It’s Miss Pot Head. Have you been hanging around with Koharu again or something?

So am I nearly. NNNNNNNGGGGG! ><

Can I have a taste too? Of your finger?

I disagree. It tastes of Sigh Yummy goodness. An orgasm for every sense in the body. A taste so fine one would never fully recover and would just need more and more and MORE! Anyway I don’t care. Just let me have a little taste! A tiny nibble! A little lick! PLEEEEEEASE!

Yes now I want the main course. Some Saylad with my special topping. ^^ Perhaps some pork can be added and then maybe for afters you can gobble some banana and I scream…I mean ice cream. >.>

Oh…you are going to feed the members? Damn.

Actually I think I’ll cancel that doctor’s appointment. The swelling has suddenly disappeared.

Ah Sigh Yummy. Hottest idol on the planet. So funny, cute, clueless, pretty, kind, self-absorbed, contradictory and wonderful. No other idol has ever got my…err…juices flowing as much as her. 😀 Still so sexy, so cute and so blisteringly hot. Sayu is undoubtedly tastier than anything anyone could ever cook. She is always worth viewing. ^^


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