Hangry & Angry single and live DVD coming 10 August 2011

Hangry & Angry announced today via their official site and their Facebook and Twitter pages that they have a new single “Reconquista” being released in August. It’s available on iTunes already. Not only that but they are also releasing a live dvd “LIVE CIRCUIT 2010 Sadistic Dance”. Anyway the pv for the single is on Youtube now…

The single is already available on iTunes Japan. It costs 200 yen. Annoyingly I have about 180 yen left in my Japanese account. >< But hopefully it will soon be available in other countries.

I am really happy about this news. Hangry & Angry are one of my favourite Japanese groups. Both their mini album and first full album were excellent plus live they are great performers. I saw them in Camden, London last year and it was a brilliant gig. I was also lucky enough to meet them two days earlier and get their autographs (they were signing as Hangry & Angry and not Yossie and Rika). Ever since seeing them last year I’ve been crying out for more new music and a live dvd. I also really want a photobook which, considering their fashion range background, would seem a no-brainer. Well two out of three so far this year ain’t bad. 🙂

Anyway to celebrate here is a video of Hangry & Angry performing Sadistic Dance at the Paris leg of their 2010 tour. Their official Youtube page has seen quite a bit of activity recently with many live clips uploaded as well as their two pv’s.

Great stuff. If you like the group please try and buy their releases. I know not everyone can afford to and there’s always the temptation to just download stuff off the net but Hangry & Angry have released an album in Europe and have toured here. By buying their releases you can help bring them back here (or if you are not from Europe maybe you can help bring them to your part of the world). Let’s show support for the group in return for them showing an awareness of their overseas fans and a willingness to perform and release music for them. You know it makes sense. 😉


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