Happy Birthday Ikuta Erina!

Ninth gen Morning Musume member Ikuta Erina is 14 today (7th July). Happy birthday! I rather like her. She seems to have that something about her that makes me enjoy watching her perform. She looks a bit lacking in confidence at times which is understandable considering how long she’s been in the group. But yet at the same time she has that wonderful idol talent of somehow making you feel really happy when you see her. Take the pv for Maji Desu ka Ska! for instance. Now this is my favourite Momusu single of the past few years. Perhaps even beating Kimagure Princess (which I love). The pv is a lot of fun to watch too as it should be. The new members are given the first few lines of the song and immediately bring a fresh impetus to proceedings. It also reminds me of Mr Moonlight in that we get the new members immediately thrust forward (although in Mr Moonlight’s case it’s all too brief). It’s a really energetic and fun pv. Everyone looks great (even Aika looks better than normal…well at least in the bit where she’s dressed as an old man. >.>), everyone gets their own little moments and frankly I love it. I am of course a big Ai-chan fan and frankly Sayu is exceptionally lickable so I obviously notice them in the pv a lot. However the other three stand-out’s for me are Suzuki Kanon, Sayashi Riho and Ikuta Erina. Kanon has that really special aura about her. She’s funny, charismatic and a born entertainer. Riho is pretty, a great singer and dancer and a future centre of Momusu. But I also notice the less sure of herself Erina. Like I said at the start of this ramble there’s just something about her. Watching her makes my heart feel happy. Just like it does whenever I see Ai-chan, or Konkon or Yaguchi. It’s that gift of the idol really. That ability to somehow make you root for the member and enjoy seeing and supporting them. Nacky has it. Yuuka has it. Suzuki Kanon has it. So does Ikuta Erina. Riho may be better looking (and she was certainly the one I wanted to see put in the group the most during the auditions) but Erina somehow grabs my heart more. Okay so maybe she looks a bit like E.T. But at least it’s in a good way. 😛 And she is attractive in her own way. Plus I guess her looking a bit unsure at times also makes me root for her as I always support that type of person. Since I was that type of person myself when younger (and perhaps still a bit now) I think that makes sense.

Anyway I really have enjoyed seeing the ninth gen members introduction to Morning Musume. I feel that Momusu’s future is in safe hands and that maybe Tsunku hasn’t totally lost the plot yet. I look forward to seeing a lot more of Erina (and the other kyuukies) in the coming years. In the meantime here’s some picspam of the birthday girl!

I hope she had a great day!


5 responses to “Happy Birthday Ikuta Erina!

  1. Happy Birthday Eripon! 🙂 I think you described her very well, that’s how I see her too. I don’t know if it’s just me but lately it seems she is the most popular kyuuki member. At least her merchandise sells well on eBay and H!O is full of Eripon avatars. I don’t know about Japanese fans though.

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