Introducing…The Official Morningtime Logo

I was going to include this in some kind of picspam post at some stage but I haven’t made one in a while. Well not a general one anyway. Arauca on Twitter made this for me because I asked. I gave her a vague idea of what I wanted and she did the rest. I was more than pleased with the results. I think if I ever go to any kind of Japan Expo type convention again I should have this printed on a t-shirt so people know who I am. It’d be interesting to see their reactions (and how long it would take for someone to stab me or something. Or given that they would be fans of Woof Woof maybe ‘bite me’ would be more fitting?) Anyway enjoy. And please don’t have nightmares. Remember idols like Mitsui are very rare so please sleep soundly in your beds.

I would like to add as a disclaimer that it’s just a joke old bean. Chill. Actually I think that’s what Tsunku said to Miki Fujimoto when he introduced Aika as the eighth gen member. Well she did leave quite soon afterwards. >.>

Actually you know what? I did wonder whether to post this or not as I thought it might be a bit too cruel. I actually found Mitsui quite funny when seeing her at Japan Expo last year. I wouldn’t mind her so much if she was in Berryz Koubou instead or something. Mind you I don’t really follow them that much so maybe that’s why. ^^ Anyway if you are of a sensitive disposition when it comes to humorous digs at Aika or other idols please remember this is not entirely serious. Also if you are of a sensitive disposition…why are you even here? Are you like the Blog version of Mary Whitehouse or something? O-O


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