Yorosen – Hagiwara Mai English Lesson week subbed!

Have I gone stark raving mad I hear you cry? An English lesson week? Surely that was never made? The show was cancelled so they gave little Maimai a somewhat boring week where all she did was watch clips of old episodes instead didn’t they? Well interestingly it was actually filmed. Not only that but it was put on a Yorosen dvd release as an extra and now the KIDS fansubbing group have now subbed it! It’s available here!

Well excuse me! I was only trying to explain. >.>

Well hello there! ^^

HUH? Aherrumm…hi. You look familiar.

Oh I see! You are the western Mai Hagiwara! So blonde hair and speaking English! Yes that’s right English. I’m just thankful she hasn’t put on a big fake nose. Anyway it’s nice to see the blonde wig. I mean now I can appreciate that Ai-chan doesn’t look that bad with blonde hair. Ah Ai-chan. For so long the cherry on the cake that is Morning Musume. Soon that cherry will be plucked. *whistles innocently*

Err…no. No I’d rather not. I’m already regretting typing it and I haven’t even finished writing this post yet. By the way do you fancy a game of pool and a bath later? ^^

Ahh Kanna’s recent dvd. My god it’s hot…

IUwcdjvbw gvhehAOIHTTFDSjjfguur egjjerjgj

Ahem…excuse me. I just need a moment to compose myself (and adjust my pants). O-o

Now where was I? Ecstacy? Oh yeah but before then? Oh right Kif…I mean Maimai. Yes so Maimai is speaking English. Well a bit. That is the theme of the show.

Yeah sorry. Anyway quick test for the C-ute members and Sayu. What is the nationality of your favourite fan, blogger, Mitsui & Aya basher and all round gentleman?

Aww they know. I’m flattered. ^^

Oh yeah as you will have spotted by now (and as I mentioned before) Sayu is there. I know she’s not in C-ute but she certainly is cute so I guess when she heard it was a C-ute week she just had to be there. 😛

Anyway back to Mai. First up…

Misheard English? Is that a bit like misheard Japanese?

Well apparently if you want to learn English you can take an English sentence and remember it by likening it to a similar sounding Japanese sentence. Hence “nice to meet you” becomes…

Although hearing Nacky then saying it I’m not entirely sure it really helps. >.>

Mmm…Kanna in the bath. Sorry…err

I have this lump in my trousers and it won’t go away? Oh wait you are stating the next sentence to mishear aren’t you? Sorry! Anyway what could the sentence be likened to using Japanese words?

Are you having a stroke Erika? Wait…maybe that would help with the lump in m…no wait I should finish this post first. O-O

Anyway the answer was…

Next English sentence?

I think I’ll quote Kanna. Can you repeat that? Mmm…Kanna…pool…

I’m sorry! I’m sorry!

Anyway second try. What is the sentence?

Take it easy? Fancy you buonoing that…I mean not knowing that.

Throughout these English sentences Maimai struggles a bit and has to get help from a coach. Actually earlier on when he first appeared and they were asking Mai who he was Maimi replied with the very funny…

Your father! XD Anyway I had to mention that as this next screencap would seem incredibly dodgy otherwise…

Disgusting! Unless it was me and Nacky pictured. 😀

So “my true love” is the sentence.



I’m sorry for the bad language but I mean really! Aya of all people.

So onto the second day…

Sayu looks as young as the others. Sayu also looks incredibly lickable as always. Mmm. ^^

But if I was the teacher Nacky would be my pet. 😀

Anyway the second day is all about words that aren’t accurate English. Such as…

Which is of course a ballpoint pen.

You know what I don’t miss about Hello! Project tv shows? The obsession with food. So anyway…

Ah if only it had been baked potato with tuna. 😀

So apparently that dish isn’t called fried potato in English. Oh no. It’s actually called…

French fries? That’s not English. It’s American! Dear lord (who is probably an Englishman and who loves cricket old chap) please try to speak proper English and not some bastardisation from the colonies. Okay I’m being a bit tongue-in-cheek. I think language evolves always so there is no such thing as ‘proper’ English. But even so French fries? Tut.

Maimai then shows everyone a sign. But it’s not called a sign in English. No it’s actually called an…

Or as it’s more commonly known…

Hmm…I’m starting to like blonde-haired Maimai. Mind you recently I’ve been being won over by Maimai more anyway. I have been noticing her a lot more. Now that Nacky has a second photobook coming out next up in C-ute should be Maimai’s second one. But I digress.

So onto day three. Today they are learning…

Important English for an idol? May I suggest Nacky learns the English words and phrases ‘maid’, ‘sugar daddy’, ‘tea’, ‘cake’, ‘cream’, ‘more cream’, ‘smother the cream all over’, ‘lick’, ‘bath’, ‘massage’ and ‘again! Again!’ >.> Oh and maybe teach Sayu and Kanna them too. ^^I think they are the most important words.

Ah yeah. That one could be important too. Along with ‘oh yeah that’s it. Just like that!’

What phrase will my Nacky get?

Well I like the first two words. *coughcough*

Well I could give a few suggestions Nacky. ^^

ALRIGHT! 😀 Only…later in private. 😛 Ah look at that picture though. Nacky and Sayu near each other. My numbers two and three in H!P at the moment. Both so cute.

So moving on and aww poor Maimai. Always getting the coach out of his chair. ><

So after all the members (bar one) get to say a solo line in English it’s time to mo…

Oh God don’t tempt me. This blog is dirty enough at the best of time you…you…hot MINX! ^^

Onto day four. They sit in a line and count to 20, starting with “one” at the start of the line and then “two” and so on. All the way up to Nakajima Saki’s “nineteen”. Then it’s Chisa’s…

Yes that’s it. “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, what the heck”. Well done! 😛

After that it’s a competiton. They have to only say the odd numbers. If you make a mistake you are out. But first I just noticed the little sign on Mai’s top says…

“Love money and boys”. Tut. At her age!

So the odd number challenge. “1”. Yes that’s right Erika. “3”. Very good Airi. “5”. Correct Maimi. “7”. Well done Kanna. “9”. Beautiful Nacky. Oh and that was also the correct answer too. 😉 And then…

Hmm…I will need to check with an adjudicator Chisa. I think “11” may have actually been the correct answer.

The next game was even numbers and then after that it was multiples of three. A game it’s fair to say ended quicker than anyone expected. So much so that they make the fourth game also a multiples of three one.

Eventually then we are down to the final two and the subject is…

O-O So the final is “kisuu endless” between Airi and Sayu? Right excuse me a moment. I write these blog posts as I’m watching the episodes for the first time. Anyway I just need to close the curtains a moment. I mean I don’t want people seeing in when I’m watching this next bit or anything.

Aww come on! 😦

Considering where Sayu ended up I am not sure if they had kissed it would have been shown on the dvd. They aren’t in Ebisu Muscats after all. This is H!P.

Onto the fifth and final day and the game today is…

Hmm…this could be a minefield. Anyway Mai will make gestures and the others have to explain what they mean.

Yes Sayu in English. You and Nacky need the practice. 😀

Anyway Mai does some gestures including a chicken one nobody gets. Although Maimi thinks it’s a duck and then Nacky thinks it’s…

Now it just so happens that Chinese food is my favourite so I think we can all agree that Nacky would make a great servant in my household. She can clean while wearing a maid uniform and then afterwards slip into the kitchen to prepare food before later on slipping into the bed until morning time comes. >.>

Next gesture!


Oh! It was a cow apparently. My mistake. >.> Meanwhile look it’s Sayu and Nacky touching! 😀

Awwwww! And on that note we come to the end of this post and the end of Yorosen. It was quite an amusing week. Seeing the members speaking English words is always enjoyable just because of their cute pronunciation. There were several funny moments in there and the week overall was good fun. Yorosen was never exactly the best idea for a show but at least this particular week had the members being more proactive. It was actually one of the better weeks which makes it a shame that it was never actually shown. But at least it was put out on dvd and now thanks to the KIDS subbing group we can enjoy this translated version. Anyway I always enjoyed covering the Yorosen programmes so it was nice to cover this last one. Thanks for reading (or looking at the caps). I guess I’ll see you again soon for some other post of some sort.


7 responses to “Yorosen – Hagiwara Mai English Lesson week subbed!

  1. I tried to hold back laughter (it’s 3am, after all!) but this was just way too funny. 😀 Also, blonde hair suits Maimai surprisingly well!

  2. Fantastic! Funny funny stuff, MT. I had watched this show quite a while ago but I never realized they had scrapped Maimai’s week. Maybe I just didn’t notice because I’ve never really cared for her. At any rate, it looks entertaining enough to spend a few minutes watching it. Thanks for the share and the good comedy.

    • Cheers! ^^ Yeah they scrapped it and replaced it with a week of her watching clips from previous weeks. Don’t know why. Just becuase the show was ending they decided to do it.

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  4. Gee you’re always so funny. Even if Sayu and Nakki won’t do you, I totally would 😉

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