Nakajima Saki W Saki Previews and New Ameba Blog!

Nakajima Saki today opened a blog on Ameba. It’s called Blog Days and is here. The header looks nice! ^^

Meanwhile with only a day left until the release of her second photobook more previews have emerged. It’s fair to say I’m more than impressed. I’m Hot, flustered and very very happy! 😀

She looks fan-bloody-tastic!

I was hoping to order my copy from CDJapan but they didn’t have it for order. During this last week I noticed they have a book ordering form on their website so I asked through there if they would be able to get it. Their reply was “We are sorry to inform you the book you requested is sold out until the official release and maybe after too (we are not sure).” Since YesAsia didn’t have it either I had a choice of waiting in the hope they would eventually stock it or instead go through Amazon or HMV Japan or a third-party agent. All of those options would have been very expensive, especially compared to CDJapan or YesAsia. But then again Nacky is my second favourite Hello! Project member and supporting her is important to me. Especially as I’ve been crying out for a second photobook since the f irst one was released. There’s absolutlely no point in me complaining that one of my favourite members doesn’t get a chance to shine if when they do I don’t bother buying their products. Plus I REALLY want to get my hands on this. >< So I decided what’s a wota to do? I ordered from HMV Japan. It said when I was ordering it that it was the last one in stock. Now on their site it’s available for order but will take 7 to 10 days for them to get it from the publisher. So I ordered just in time. ^^ I can’t wait for it to arrive! 😀


5 responses to “Nakajima Saki W Saki Previews and New Ameba Blog!

  1. so HMV Japan it was then i see. may i ask how much the shipping was in the end? if you don’t want to answer could you indicate in a Generation Game fashion of higher or lower than Amazon? thanks. not that i’m ordering. my wallet regrettably says no. already overspent on maimi goods, as well as having to upgrade my car. >_:(

  2. cut me off! UFA are making it so hard for us to get hold of their goods these days! ¬_¬ e-LineUP for maimi’s upcoming DVD don’t even ship abroad, so i’ll have to use a dep service again. 😦 plus their ordering period so short too! >_<

  3. Oh my. I have to say, I’m surprised she’s suddenly this… sexy. Is it bad that I really like these? Especially the first and the fourth pics.

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