Suzuki Airi Photobook Pics

Well I think this is a first for me…apost entirely about Suzuki Airi! She is only fourth in my ranking of C-ute members so I often overlook her. Even so she is really talented, very attractive and funny too. A great idol! Recently she’s been getting the photobook treatment big time. She’s had plenty in the past of course but now she’s had two in as many months. I can’t claim to be an expert on her photobooks (I don’t even know which of the two books each of the following pics is from) however I am an expert in the beauty of idols. Therefore I can confirm that Suzuki Airi does conform to the Morningtime Seal of Idol Quality. And as soon as I can arrange a meeting I will of course brand the logo on her bottom. 😀

Anyhoo the pics…

I’m just out of shot in that one. ^^

I’m just out of shot in that one too! 😉

I’m just about to come into shot in that one. 😛

And that one.

I like to relax afterwards with a cup of tea. Airi prefers sleeping.

Airi assumes the position again. She’s a good idol. She knows what she’s doing. 😀

What AGAIN?”

I’m sure there must be some kind of period joke to be had here but she looks like she’d get pretty mad easily so I’ll just move along…

Some wotas love her so much they think she can walk on water.

Whereas others think she’s simply magic. >.> I’d actually watch a Hairi Potter movie. Well it’d be better than watching a Harry Potter movie that’s for sure. 😛

I’m drinking tea again.

No honestly it wasn’t me. This is a jacuzzi“. Yeah right. Guilty Airi is guilty.

The happily obligatory bikini shots!

Followed by the happily obligatory poolside bikini shots. There is of course also the obligatory beach bikini shots but I am not posting them.

You can never go wrong with lolita clothing!

And nor can you go wrong with some schoolgirl cosplay!

All in all not a bad set of pics. At some stage in the future when I have some spare cash I’ll have to look into making an Airi purchase or two. Nacky came first this month though! ><

4 responses to “Suzuki Airi Photobook Pics

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  2. Airi is always so beautiful! She’s really photogenic too. And UFA knows what it is doing… I think your reactions to the first photos are exactly what they had in mind. Seriously.

  3. Oh man, she’s so fantastic and really photogenic like MTSayuRin said. Thanks for the picspam – I can’t wait to get copies of her latest PBs. Airi’s been my favorite current H!P member since the Elder Club graduation – I think I’d still call Aya my all-time favorite though Airi’s pulling a very close 2nd place.

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