Nakajima Saki W Saki photobook making-of subbed

KIDS have subbed the making-of to Nacky’s amazing latest photobook (and trust me it IS amazing). So I thought I’d give it a quick review. You can download the sub here. My copy of the pb arrived the Monday after release. Considering it was released on a Friday that is wonderfully quick. I got it from HMV Japan and the postage was very reasonable. I think for softback pb’s I will use them again in future. But anyway to the picspam…

That’s not a costume. It’s just a shirt. I’m not complaining! ^^

I don’t suppose you want some Morningtime secret recipe special cream for that strawberry do you? 😉

I wonder if she swallows? What? WHAT? Come on that was an honest question. All the food you see them playing with in pb’s…do they actually eat that stuff?

I want to see it all but if you’re wearing shorts then obviously I can’t. 😛

Sounds like my heart! ><

Can I watch? Or even help? 😀

Pretty! 🙂

Good angle. She is wearing shorts again though. Damn!

A taste of things to come. Hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot BURNY!

I’ve gone very quiet. 😀

I’m glad I was inside when I c…oh…wait…



NAKED! 😀 Well okay not really.

I reckon the cameraman is getting a great view!

Sultry Saki!

The little shy girl has sure grown up!

Sweet Saki. Lips as tasty as lollipops.

I like to call that Devil Nacky section “the money sequence”. ^^

OH PLEASE YES! Nacky deserves one!

Continuing the money sequence…

If I’m a very good bad boy I might get to go to Nacky Hell and be punished by her unholiness. 😀 I will try my very hardest to be an exceptionally good bad boy. ^^

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Nacky’s lovely lips all standing out in red. Did I mention how great the pb is yet?

The phrases that spring most readily to mind there are “HOLY FUCK” and “mop up on aisle 12”.

Anyway that’s the pb making-of. Thanks to KIDS for subbing it. Now below are a few photobook pictures just to prove without any shadow of a doubt how amazing this pb is. Enjoy!

It’s one of my favourite photobooks ever. It’s sweet, cute and sexy. It’s W Saki. Buy it! Go on! You know you want to!


4 responses to “Nakajima Saki W Saki photobook making-of subbed

  1. She doesn’t really look like herself in the lollipop photos, does she? Maybe it’s the hair. But those are very nice too and I like it that there are many different styles and outfits. I want to watch this soon! ^^

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