S/mileage – Five new members announced

The result of the S/mileage new members auditions were announced today with the news that there would be five new members…possibly. Tsunku announced that the five new members are sub members and will not be considered full members yet. Presumably they need to prove themselves first. I think it’s a publicity stunt really though. A bit like how the original members needed to collect 10,000 photos in order to debut. Anyway the new members are…

Katsuta Rina aged 13 and already a Hello! Project Egg…

Kosuga Fuyuka aged 13…

Nakanishi Kana aged 14…

Tamura Meimi aged 12…

And finally former Egg Takeuchi Akari who is 13 years old…

As part of the initiation ceremony the long skirts were cut short on stage…

I suppose we should be thankful they didn’t have their long hair cut too. :p

Here is a pic of the five new members together…

And here they are with the oldsters >.>

A lot of people were complaining when they heard there would be new members. Personally I prefer to wait and see what the new group will be like before passing judgement. Therefore at the moment I don’t have much of an opinion really. The new generation will all be involved in the forthcoming S/mileage tour apparently and after that it should be a bit clearer what they sound like, what their personalities are like and what the new group dynamnic is like. Then hopefully there will be a new single with them involved. I will make my mind up then. The one thing I will say though is that my opinion could change based on the results of the Morning Musume tenth generation auditions. I am not overly sad that Miyamoto Karin isn’t involved with S/mileage as I think she would be great in Momusu. However if she doesn’t make it into Momusu either I am going to be very VERY

Which, if rumours are to be believed, is basically what Fukuda Kanon is feeling right now about all the new members. :p But really though Karin is too cute not to be used. She had better make it to Momusu! Don’t make me angry Tsunku. You won’t like me when I’m angry.


4 responses to “S/mileage – Five new members announced

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  2. You’re going to be very VERY… GREEN?

    Personally I’m struggling to care. I’d never even heard of this Karin Egg prior to this morning and everyone posting about how disappointed they were that she wasn’t picked, and wouldn’t it be oh so delightful if she because a Musume instead.

    • I would struggle to name most of the Eggs. But Karin is damn cute and has been an Egg for quite a while now. She is perfect idol material. Whenever Momusu have an audition I always worry that there’ll be another one of those moments when Tsunku does a Mitsui.

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