Takahashi Ai in London!

Well this is my 500th blog post and it’s not what I’d have expected the subject of my 500th blog post to be about! 🙂 Nevertheless according to her blog Takahashi (Goddess of all Humanity) Ai is in London for the filming of a J-Melo episode. Sadly the episode isn’t celebrating 500 posts of Morningtime. >.> However it does feature a girl from London. Whoever that girl is I hope she really enjoys the moment!

Well what can I say? I always wanted Ai-chan to come to England. It’s a pity it’s not for a concert though. Even so I hope she enjoys her time here and comes back often! ^^

Here is a pic of her in London…

And in the time-honoured Morningtime tradition here is some random picspam! 😀


Ah Ai-chan. Still my number one idol. She has been for a long time now. Almost since I first discovered the wonderful, happy and life-affirming goodness that is Hello! Project. Takahashi Lovely will be graduating next month shortly after her 25th birthday. I hope she continues in entertainment though. I think she’d make a great solo singer or actress or tv presenter or…well just about anything really. She is after all an incredibly beautiful and talented person. I’ve always seen her as the Audrey Hepburn of Japan. A beautiful personbality, beautiful looks and an amazing heart. Whatever she chooses to do with her future I wish her the best of luck!

In hindsight I think a post dedicated to my favourite idol is a very fitting 500th post. ^^


6 responses to “Takahashi Ai in London!

  1. Thank you Liisi. ^^

    Maya as your Twitter dad I should tell you to mind your language. XD

    Nino – Yeah how incredibly lucky. I would do anything to have Ai. I mean I would do anything to have Ai visit me. >.>

    Arauca – Thank you!

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