Morning Musume 47th Single Covers

Good quality covers of Morning Musume’s 47th single Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Nagatterun da yo!/Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai have been released. Well I say “good quality” but that’s in part at least only in terms of actual jpeg quality. So what do we get? Well first up is this Lovely vision of the future…

Ah such beauty. Such wonderful, perfect beauty. Those eyes, that hair, those lips, the wonderful personality shining through. This is one version I will definitely get. Who can resist the Ai-chan edition? Nobody with a heart. Nobody with taste!

Next up is Limited Edition A…

Wow! I love this! Look at Ai-chan and Reina in the middle. They own this group. Yet that isn’t to say the others are weak. Check out front left and right. Future Queen Riho and sooner to be Queen Sayu. Both in a cool pose and Sayu’s is also, let’s be honest about this, incredibly sensual too. Then at the back is Erina, hand on hip. Cool and commanding then next to her is Kanon again in a cute pose. Even Mitsui looks presentable. Wow! I love this cover. Finally H!P have made a good single cover. I can’t wait to see the rest. Attractive costumes, cool poses and nobody looks awful. Result!

So onto Limited Edition B…


Sorry about that. Anyway edition B…well what can I say? Mitsui looks like she’s about to start singing On The Good Ship Lollipop. Kanon looks like she’s auditioning for a part in one of those old Hello! Morning skits as a pre-school child. Fukumura looks like she’s become a clown. Erina looks like a slightly more toned down clown. Niigaki looks like some really old woman whose looks have faded so she’s taken to wearing really bright make-up to try and make an impression. Like her taste has gone and she thinks more means better. Riho who is a very pretty young girl actually somehow looks like Tsuji Nozomi when she was that age. Sayumi despite making a come-and-hug-me pose (something no man or woman could normally resist) looks like the type of person parents warn their children about. Ai-chan looks thankfully the most toned down and presentable and (happily for a big Ai fan like myself) still very pretty. And then there’s Dame Edna Everage. Morning Musume? Morning Possums more like. Well I guess H!P decided to let the professionals do a cover and then the special needs work experience class were allowed to design some clothes or something.

Onto Limited Edition C…

Ah from the sublime to the rediculous to the sublime again. Sexy dresses, Queen Ai looking regal and beautiful front centre, Sayumi and Erina in a really cool back-to-back pose, Niigaki and Mitsui at the back where they should be and everyone except Niigaki and Mitsui has really nice, shiny hair. Not quite as good as the A version but good and striking nevertheless. And did I mention Queen Ai looking absolutely gorgeous? I did? Well I’ve mentioned it again now then. ^^

And so onto the Regular Edition…

Hahahahaha. No but really onto the Regular Edition…

Wait…that’s not a joke? Okay so Dame Edna is obviously the leader of the zoo. Tsunku is being humped by a panda (and unluckily for him it’s not Junjun or Linlin). I can only imagine this is some sort of last gasp attempt to save the panda species by crossbreeding them with a Japanese man boy male guy bloke.

On the plus side there are at least three Ai-chan’s which is surely a cloning experiment that has to happen! Sadly there’s also more than one Mitsui which is just terrifying. Oh and there’s some naked child doing a peace sign in there. Basically the whole thing looks tasteless. I think the special needs kids were allowed access to some leftover stash of Koharu’s and went on a really wild trip. Just say no kids. Just say no. I think Tsunku is living his dream of actually being a Morning Musume member though. I think Mitsui is living her dream of a world where animals and humans live side by side and inter-species sex is allowable. I think my eyes hurt. Please take it away!

I’ve only found a smaller picture of the Single V…

Well small is better sometimes I guess. I mean it’s dreadful but at least it’s small at the moment. Got to LOL at Tsunku getting himself in there again though. Mind you he’s sang on more singles than any actual Momusu member most probably. Who’d have thought that someone so keen to point out his male gender would seem to really want to be a member of a female idol group? Yes I think all that male symbolising is just over-compensating!

Overall I think it’s fair to say if I am going to buy more than one copy then the second version I get will be either Limited Edition A or C. The one copy I will definitely get is the Ai-chan version. She looks so good on the front cover on her own. I hope with her post-Momusu career that’s a sign of things to come!


7 responses to “Morning Musume 47th Single Covers

  1. The type of person parents warn their children about? Hehe. I can’t resist the Aichan version either, but I’m starting to feel a bit iffy about the Limited A. I mean I told you before I would get that one. But the more I look at it, the more it bothers me. The edges of the girls are too sharp? I’m starting to prefer Limited C. Although both are beautiful. As for the rest… come on, they are fun! Not everything has to be stylish and elegant! These make you laugh and that’s refreshing. It’s still the idols we love (more or less), even if they look silly. The red… person?… behind Fukuchan really creeps me out though. ><

  2. HA! It’s like Momusu meets The Yellow Submarine or something tripped out like that. I really don’t think I could stand to look at the regular version for long. I’d have terrible nightmares.

    The B cover’s not much better. A little too kooky for my tastes. I like both the A and C covers and the Ai-chan version is simply fantastic.

  3. MTSayuRin – I think the edges are sharp yeah. It’s like the girls have been photographed separately and then put together using Photoshop. It’s still a great cover though.

    The other covers are noyt fun. They are an abomination! XD

    Clocutron – Hmm…Yellow Submarine? And Tsunku is there? Obviously his Beatles love is getting out of control!

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