September Comes

So here we are. September. The month of Ai-chan’s 25th birthday and also the month Hello! Project graduates from her. For the past ten years Hello! Project has worked so hard to support Ai-chan and I wish it all the luck in it’s future. I hope we hear more from it after the graduation. To celebrate here is some picspam…

First up Nakajima Saki. My soon to be favourite member of Hello! Project.

Nacky is so cute. I hope she continues to work after the graduation. I have loved watching her grow up. Watching her becoming more confident and of course beautiful. I have supported her all the way and will continue to do so. She is the idol I wanted to adopt. Now I want to employ her as a maid and perhaps do some naughty things with her during her free time. ^^ Nacky has the kind of personality that I care for. I always gravitate to that type. She is a wonderful idol. I wish her the best of luck!

Talking of cute that brings me to my second favourite idol Michishige Sayumi!

Mmm…maid! Nobody does cute better than Sayu. Sayu is the cutest and funniest idol out there. She is also great with the younger Musume. She has a great touch with the kids. Whether the kids like her touch or not is another matter. 😛 Sayu is like a wota idol. She’s an idol and a wota. How perfect. She is also incredibly entertaining and of course exceptionally photogenic. To me she is Momusu’s main star after they graduate from Ai.

Next up the beautiful Yajima Maimi.

C-ute’s leader is the best shorts-wearing idol in H!P. Nobody wears short shorts as well as Maimi. But she is more than just great thighs. She has a really cute eyes wide shut smile too. Oh and a damn pretty face. She is also a great leader. She was a leader as a young girl and now as an adult she has grown up with the other C-ute members. C-ute are like a great family. You can’t help wanting to be a part of it. Maimi is the big sister and is perfect in that role. She is cool, athletic and yet still really friendly and caring. Maimi is great!

Talking of C-ute (as people should. Often) next is Okai Chisato.

The former tomboy is now a beautiful young woman while still retaining all her spunky strength and determination. She is yet another beautiful H!P idol. She isn’t the cutesy behaviour type but that’s a huge part of her charm. Variety is the food of love and H!P is a bloody huge banquet full of your favourite foods. There’s quite a lot in there I’d like to have a nibble on. Chisato is one of those favourites. I can only imagine she’d taste lovely. ^^ Frankly I can’t imagine her not being in H!P. H!P has plenty of C-ute…I mean cute idols but there are no other idols like Chissa. You need that variety as it brings out the best in everyone. You need a Chissa type because that strength, humour and beauty is wonderful!

Time for a soloist. Mano Erina!

Mano has talent, cuteness, a lot of great singles and great album tracks (and having great album tracks is by no means a given within H!P). Plus by the looks of it she has a great third photobook out. I must get it! Mano has also tried her hand at acting (she should have tried her whole body. It might have turned out better). She has kept very busy and has a high profile. I really love her work and hope to see lots more of it! Mano has that kind of presence that just brings happiness. That’s the charm and beauty of a perfect idol.

Now to another group member. So onwards to Maeda Yuuka!

S/mileage have had some great songs and also some great legs. It’s sad to see that recently they have added some very plain looking members but even so the group still has Yuuka so cuteness is assured. It’s a pity that cuteness is now going to be one eighth instead of a quarter. But I look forward to seeing more from Yuuka. I hope she manages to continue working. She is an adorable little urchin. A sign of her worthiness as an idol is her ability to not look out of place in High-King. Some of H!P’s biggest hitters are in that unit and Yuuka fits right in. She has a bright future I hope.

Next up back to Morning Musume. The kyuukies were introduced just before Hello! Project graduated from Ai. It may be tough for them to get a fair crack of the whip but then again it was hard for Junjun and Linlin too and it didn’t stop them finding work afterwards. I’ll have sweet and sour chicken with boiled rice please Linlin. >.> Anyway of the ninth gen the one who stands out the most is Suzuki Kanon.

Kanon has what you could call an extroverted personality. She is bloody funny and very weird. She is also very happy. Perfect idol material. Kanon is glee (and I’m not talking about the shit tv programme). Whenever I see her I immediately smile. That is the power of an idol. Good luck Kanon! If it was ten years ago she’d eclipse Kago Ai and Tsuji Nozomi. Now that Momusu’s profile is lower that kind of fame will probably elude her but she can still be great idol.

Another kyuukie I love is Ikuta Erina.

With Ikuta I’m still just learning about her personality. From what I’ve seen so far she’s the one who can’t read the mood (at least according to Niigaki). This makes her quite a good source of humour and she’s a good sport for going along with it too. However even before I knew that side of her I liked her. I didn’t know why but I just did. I was drawn to her. It was idol love at first sight. I just like seeing her perform. I hope she gets to perform a whole lot more in the future. Hopefully she will continue to find work after the graduation from Ai. If so I’m going to love watching her develop. 🙂

Next up the yankii musume Tanaka Reina!

Reina has the best clothes style of all of H!P. She also has that straight-forward no nonsense personality but with a sense of humour too. Her interplay with other members, especially Sayu, gives lots of humour. One of H!P’s main vocalists and perhaps with Sayu the last Momusu golden generation member (ignoring Niigaki as everybody does). Hopefully Reina will continue to find work for a little while yet. She still has plenty to give. She does need another photobook though. I mean come on it’s been ages!

Finally an Egg. My favourite is Tanabe Nanami but I will overlook her for Miyamoto Karin.

I mention Karin instead as although she’s only my second favourite Egg she has been heavily involved with auditions recently. In fact she’d have made a great addition to S/mileage. Personally having seen who they added I’d have rather they just added one new member, Karin! I can only hope that Tsunku overlooked her there because he wants her to be a tenth generation Morning Musume member instead. She’d make a great jyunior (come on that’s GOT to be what they are called). Karin is about as cute as they come and considering we are talking about idols here they come pretty damn cute already. For the sake of all that is right in the world Tsunku will you just give her a group already?

So there you go. I guess that’s a run down of my favourite ten idols once Hello! Project has graduated from Ai-chan. Ai will still be my favourite Japanese entertainer of course but I understand she’s moving away from the idol side of things. I think Hello! Project has a chance of continuing without her and I wish them all the best of luck! Oh and as for the order of the ten, to be honest after the top two it’s a little fuzzy. But I like them all a lot. Good luck everyone!


10 responses to “September Comes

  1. I think you know this already but I just have to say it, I love your choices. This could (almost) be written by me. Lately I have started to think though, I should only mention Momusu members and Mano as my favourites. I feel very shallow when I say I like someone in C-ute, or Yuuka. Or Momoko. I still mostly watch Momusu and Mano stuff and even when it’s all of H!P, I tend to skip the… haha, kisu? (From Mobekimasu! XD) And Berryz I ignore completely. I want to get to know C-ute better but I just don’t know how. 😦 Maybe watching all episodes of HelloPro Time will help. Otherwise I’ll cry too much when Sayu and Reina graduate.

  2. I’m one of those idiots who always loves a top-ten post so I really enjoyed reading this. I agree with a lot of your choices though not all of them. Best of luck to H!P in their graduation from Ai-chan!

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  4. MTSayuRin – There’s nothing shallow about saying you like C-ute members even if you don’t know them that well. If you like them you like them. It’s the idol appeal. It’s like what I said about Ikuta Erina. I just liked her. Idol love at first sight. I didn’t know why I just did. 🙂

    Clocutron – Thanks. ^^ I always enjoy seeing favourites lists too. This year I kind of missed the Hello! Blog top ten vote thing. PTom doesn’t seem to have done one this year.

    Lionmaster44 – I really really REALLY hope Nacky’s graduation is some years off yet!

    • Maybe so. But I still find it very difficult to rank Momusu together with C-ute members. Those are two completely different categories for me. (I know what everyone wants to say. “Don’t do it then!” XD But I find this ranking thing somehow… comforting?)

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