Since I haven’t posted in a few weeks I thought I’d make a brief post of…stuff. So err

Today I watched an episode of Mecha Mecha Iketeru! You remember those guys behind the Morning Musume idiot and crap girl tests? Well Berryz Koubou and S/mileage appeared on a show along with porn/model idol group Ebisu Muscats (featuring the rather yummy Sora Aoi), Idoling!!!, PASSPO, SUPER GiRLS, Nakano Fujo Sisters and SDN48. A strange mix. The groups were there to compete against each other in various games including a race to the flag, a (not so) high jump and a sumo wrestling bout. Anyway the main feature of this show as a H!P fan was the way Momoko got singled out for special attention…

Yes Momoko gets the blunt end of the foot at several stages. Yet she keeps on smiling throughout. The funniest bit of all is during a sumo encounter…

Poor Momo! I love her waving as she’s dragged away!

I have to say I love both Momo and S/mileage even more having seen this. Both groups just take everything in their stride and laugh a lot. Every other group is full of crying people. Hello! Project members seem happy and fun. That’s why I love H!P!

Anyway onto a round-up of other news and Koha has a single out! It’s an Oha Star related thing and it’s available on iTunes already! Personally I love it. I think the best way of describing it is crack Mexican.

In great news KIDS have subbed Nacky’s W making of special edition. I haven’t watched it yet. I actually bought the dvd so I’m waiting to receive that. So I may watch it unsubbed first.

Other news and following the total fail of the S/mileage new member auditions it’s been decided to add a member who is cuter…

I think he’ll be an improvement. I think it’s what he’s always wanted too.

There’s another new Maimi movie coming out…

Private Benjyajimamaimi will be released soon.

That little devil Nacky has an instructional keep fit video for all you men coming out soon too…

And if you follow her instructions you’ll be coming soon as well. >.>

That’s all I really have to say at the moment. I seem to have been a mixture of ill and then busy throughout September. I guess I’ll finish by wishing Ai-chan’s bum a happy graduation!

Oh and that reminds me, the episode of J-Melo where the wonderful goddess herself Ai-chan came to England (and France) is now on Youtube. In it Ai-chan touches the English girl Katie‘s Manpower. I’d quite like Ai-chan to touch my manpower too. >.> Maybe now she’s graduating she can. ^^



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