Morning Musume 10th Generation Results!

The four tenth gen members have now been announced. They are…
Iikubo Not Miyamoto Karin Haruna. She is 16 years of age and not Karin.
Ishida Not Miyamoto Karin Ayumi. She is 14 years old and not Karin.
Satou Not Miyamoto Karin Masaki. She is 12 years old and not Karin.
Finally Kudou Not Miyamoto Karin Haruka. She is 11 years of age, was an Egg until now and most crucially of all is not Karin.

Be right back. Suicide.

I will possibly have my next of kin update this post with pics later.

And behold…


4 responses to “Morning Musume 10th Generation Results!

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  2. I really wonder why Karin keeps getting passed over. It just doesn’t make any sense. Well, congrats and good luck to the new members but I’m still just confused by the whole thing.

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