Mistress Michishige’s Sayuminglandoll Photobook Previews

Previews of Sigh Yummy’s upcoming photobook have started to surface and it looks like being a very unique pb. It looks like Sayu will be dressing up in lots of different outfits and also wearing lots of wigs (some of them perhaps not so flattering). Some of the outfits have left me a bit underwhelmed such as this one…

However others look great. Especially this next one to which I have just one thing to say; “GETS

I have always found Sayu deliciously sexy. Frankly she is the sexiest H!P member ever based on photobooks. Even so that picture has just taken her to a whole new level. She’s absolutely perfect with a whip. Like some kind of Japanese lolita idol Emma Peel as Queen of Sin. The cute Sayu is shown through the pink…tutu? But then there’s the bite. All those gorgeous studs. 😀 Frankly idols don’t get any better than this. This photobook will be so worth buying (as I have). I can’t wait to get it. Actually “I can’t wait to get it” is what I first thought when I saw her with the whip. ^^

Anyway Sayuminglandoll is out very soon. I think it will be very interesting. Perhaps with all the different styles it will be a lot like Nakajima Saki’s W Saki. If it’s even half as good as that I will be very happy! I expect it to be easily equally as good though. Sayu is after all the Queen of sin pb’s!


2 responses to “Mistress Michishige’s Sayuminglandoll Photobook Previews

  1. Ah I have to agree with you on the Barbie picture. It’s well done though! I mean she really is made look doll sized. Especially that Pez bunny helps, and the shoes look so much like barbie shoes. But it’s not quite as nice to look at as the other pics. Can’t wait for my copy either! 🙂

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