Maeda Yuuka to Graduate Hello! Project 31st December 2011

The news has broken today that Maeda Yuuka is leaving S/mileage and H!P on 31st December. This is quite a shock. What with Saki already having left it seems S/mileage are becoming a very different group. Personally Yuuka was my favourite in the group and one of my favourites in H!P (ever since High-King’s single brought her to my attention). Apparently the reason given for her graduation is that she will be studying so it seems she is leaving entertainment completely. Although whether she returns in some way in the future I guess time will tell. Maybe she’ll suddenly turn up in a year or so with another company. >.>

Well I hope that Yuuka gets to do whatever it is she wants to in life. I wish her all the best and thank her for the entertainment that she brought. As for my interest in S/mileage I think that’s the Last Rites performed and the grave dug. Okay I like Wada and I quite like Maimi’s cousin whose name always escapes me but the others I find instantly forgettable. Well except for Meimi who is instantly terrifying. Frankly I’d rather Tsunku had just used Eggs. Now if he’s replaced Saki with Tanabe Nanami and Yuuka with Miyamoto Karin that would have been great but it wasn’t to be.

Here is a newspaper article about the graduation. Here is another one but this one is funnier as there seem to be some random people dressed up as Love Machine era Momusu at the bottom of the page? Here is a picture of a grave…

Rest in peace F/rownage.

Finally here are some pics of a delicious and adorable idol. Thank you Yuuka. You were the best S/miley of all! Good luck in your graduation!

Goodbye Moley. You’ll be missed!


7 responses to “Maeda Yuuka to Graduate Hello! Project 31st December 2011

    • Yep. I just realised (see newest post) that being a cousin of Maimi will probably save Akari from Dracula’s clutches. Maimi has form at fighting the undead through all those films she has done. XD

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  2. I can’t believe this… first Saki, now Yuuka? It seems S/mileage is slowly falling apart… 😦 Her mole use to be distracting and it bothered me, but now it’s a charm point of hers and I love it. :DDD

    Also, did you hear about Aika graduating?? It’s only a rumor for now, but many people think it’ll happen, as she hasn’t appeared in a recent photo of the current Morning Musume in a magazine cover and article…

    Btw, it’s my first time posting, but I’ve been reading for a while. Love your blog, very nice! 🙂 I mostly read the mobile one (when on my iPod), but I just realized we have the same theme… lol! 🙂

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