Who Will Be Next To Graduate? Pinstickers Guide

Niigaki Risa – Just made leader and is in until pushed. Seems unlikely Tsunku will push anytime soon. Especially given that there is no sub-leader. Odds: 66/1

Michishige Sayumi – Snubbed for sub-leader duties and with a lively tv career. She says she loves Momusu but is it this Momusu? Odds: 16/1

Tanaka Reina – Very popular member of Momusu and has a lot of lines in their songs. But could all the salty drinks she swallows in car parks and truck stops be damaging her voice? Odds: 16/1

Mitsui Aika – Unlikely to be caught up in a scandal unless it involves being photographed sniffing male dogs arses. Yet brings very little to the group other than unwitting comedy. Recent injury problems are also a concern…or a source of joy depending on your opinion. Odds: 12/1

Fukumura Mizuki – Very little is known about this ninth gen member. Could be a dark horse. Is she secretly harbouring urges to study more? Does she have a sore foot problem that will take a year to heal before allowing her to become a low-rent model? Does she have a skin problem that allows her a way out? One to watch. Odds: 33/1

Ikuta Erina – The best Kyuukie member has a regular spot on Oha Star alongside Kusumi Koharu. Unless Koha’s influence sways her from the right path her future in Momusu should be secure. Mind you maybe she has become addicted to Koha’s crack? I know I would be addicted to Koha’s crack if she’d just let me at it. ^^Odds: 100/1

Sayashi Riho – The most popular ninth gen member but also clearly a dead-eyed serial killer. How long before her secret is exposed? Definitely in the running. Odds: 20/1

Suzuki Kanon – The most humorous of the newer members means Suzuki will always stand out in tv programmes just like Junjun did. So she has another few years of obscurity at the back to go through before she leaves. Odds: 100/1

Iikubo Haruna – Reportedly had a boyfriend before joining Momusu as one of the Juuniors. Could she be pregnant? Odds: 33/1

Ishida Ayumi – Having only just joined she is unlikely to have a reason to leave just yet. It normally takes at least a year or so for disillusionment to kick in. Odds: 100/1

Sato Masaki – The same can be said for this member but she is also pretty and so should get plenty of work within H!P. Will be there for a while. Odds: 200/1

Kudou Haruka – On the face of it the tenth generation are unlikely to leave anytime soon as they only joined a month ago. However also on the face of it Haruka could be a little boy in disguise. Is that the sound of an oncoming scandal? Odds: 33/1

Shimizu Saki – The chances of most of the Berryz being involved in a scandal or wanting to leave to persue a life less boring are pretty long. However with falling sales maybe Tsunku will see the opportunity to give them all the chop? A possibility. Odds: 40/1

Tsugunaga Momoko – Being batshit insane Momoko will probably stay in Berryz forever. She is the only member to have a personality and so is likely to continue as a figurehead for the group. Odds: 100/1

Tokunaga Chinami – Once said (in English) that she is Miyabi’s girlfriend. Even that scandal in the works diudn’t affect her career though. No she continued to not have one. Unlikely to go unless pushed. But a push is still a possible outcome. Odds: 40/1

Sudou Maasa – The heavyweight of the group is unlikely to be caught in a scandal and Tsunku would be hard pressed to push her. He’d need help from several burly men. An unlikely graduee. Odds: 66/1

Natsuyaki Miyabi – The throat is hoarse but she is still a popular member of both Berryz and Buono. However maybe she preferred it when Buono were good and didn’t sound like a cross between Avril Latrine, some bland R’n’B group and some electro knobheads? Could disillusionment be setting in? Also we all know she had that boyfriend once. The whiff of scandal is still in the air. Probably the favourite to leave amongst the Berryz members. Odds: 16/1

Kumai Yurina – Might become a basketball player or something. Or maybe a model? There’s a chance. Odds: 40/1

Sugaya Risako – The most popular member. Has more fans than Maasa has had hot dinners…and cold ones…and snacks. However may have had more boy idols as well. There’s a chance. Odds: 33/1

Yajima Maimi – The eyes wide shut smiley member with the great legs is a fine idol. Even with falling sales her star just continues to shine. An unlikely next member to go. Odds: 100/1

Nakajima Saki – The cutest of the cute but also has one of the weaker voices. Could be tears all round if she decides to do an Umeda…or a Kanna…or a Megumi. This group has prior form. One to watch. Odds: 33/1

Suzuki Airi – The most popular member in C-ute and one of the most popular members in H!P. So Tsunku will probably push her out soon. DANGER! Odds: 5/1

Okai Chisato – The cute Youtube dancer has also been making a fine career as a backing singer. However her sister left the Eggs and resentment and hurt family pride could be bubbling beneath the surface. A live chance. Odds: 33/1

Hagiwara Mai – Some people predict the world will end in December 2012 so maybe Mai will leave the planet before then to return to her kind?Odds: 40/1

Mano Erina – This cute and sexy solo singer is currently being challenged by Kikkawa Yuu/You. Can she handle the pressure? Probably. Odds: 200/1

Wada Ayaka – Shit your pants and head for the hills if your favourite is a S/mileage member. Ever since spooky Tamura Meimi joined the group weird things have been happening. It’s Halloween in less than a week. Anything could happen! Odds: 3/1

Fukuda Kanon – A passing resemblance to Kago Ai could hint at a dark underbelly and a career in shit films and tawdry photobooks that say “look at me. I’m all grown up and look a total slut. Aren’t I great?” However in reality she’s more likely to leave just because…well it’s all going a bit Pete Tong isn’t it? Odds: 4/1

Nakanishi Kana – On the face of it this new S/miley member would seem an unlikey early departure just because she has only just arrived. However a curse is on S/mileage so she must be a favourite. Odds: 6/1

Takeuchi Akari – Should be the safest of the S/mileage members as her cousin is Yajima Maimi and she can kick vampire arse. Curses and Meimi should hold no fears. Odds: 200/1

Katsuta Rina – She has a neck and she’s closest in age to Meimi. UH-OH! Odds: 6/1

Tamura Meimi – The Hex could find things hotting up if the staff at a concert venue put garlic in the meals. Alternatively with Halloween around the corner perhaps she will be caught cavorting with a witch in a scandal? A spooky longshot. Odds: 25/1

Kikkawa Yuu – YouYuu has only recently made her solo debut and has the full force of  H!P’s promotional staff behind her (although it’s just one bloke and he only works Tuesdays). Her future seems secure. Odds: 200/1

Odds at-a-glance


Wada Ayaka 3/1

Fukuda Kanon 4/1

Suzuki Airi 5/1

Nakanishi Kana 6/1

Katsuta Rina 6/1

Mitsui Aika 12/1

Michishige Sayumi 16/1

Tanaka Reina 16/1

Natsuyaki Miyabi 16/1

Sayashi Riho 20/1

Tamura Meimi 25/1

Sugaya Risako 33/1

Nakajima Saki 33/1

Okai Chisato 33/1

Fukumura Mizuki 33/1

Iikubo Haruna 33/1

Kudou Haruka 33/1

Shimizu Saki 40/1

Tokunaga Chinami 40/1

Kumai Yurina 40/1

Hagiwara Mai 40/1

Niigaki Risa 66/1

Sudou Maasa 66/1

Tsugunaga Momoko 100/1

Yajima Maimi 100/1

Ikuta Erina 100/1

Suzuki Kanon 100/1

Ishida Ayumi 100/1

Mano Erina 200/1

Kikkawa Yuu 200/1

Sato Masaki 200/1

Takeuchi Akari 200/1


4 responses to “Who Will Be Next To Graduate? Pinstickers Guide

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  2. Great summary. It surely will be interesting to see what kind of stupid crap Tsunku et al. pull next. I agree with your odds but it’s so hard to say what they might do at this point.

  3. Very entertaining. Nicely sassy. And, yeah, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we were to see a little more slippage on the first gen s/mileage front.

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