Morningtime Interviews…Yajima Maimi Plus Berryz Q&A

Maimi’s thighs hello! Oh and hello to the rest of you too. Now let us get straight down to business (and not in the Reina sense). The Hello! Project Kids have been in H!P now longer than almost anyone and have been reasonably stable. Meanwhile S/mileage have came later and yet already are going through many line-up changes. What do you think of the new members?

Ah Your near namesake Meimi. Yes. Yes she is.

Looking at the older generation who do you admire the most?



You get a panic attack and start to cry? I mean her facial expressions could give a serial killer nightmares. Every pose is pure undiluted EVIIIIIL.

Yeah she’s a natural.

What goals do you have in your personal life?

Ah Paris. The city of love^^

I’ve had some interesting dreams regarding you. Will you be my friend?

Well ignore that. Now onto your future and obviously you are a top idol and have a great future in the entertainment industry still ahead of you. So with that in mind your record company has asked me to ask you this…

Please stop crying. Maybe it’s just a joke.

Okay finally it’s a custom of these interviews for the interviewer and the interviewee to get it on together. This is why I’ve never interviewed Mitsui. So what do you say?

Result! ^^ Okay but first go and get changed into something sexy, cute and undeniably Japanese…

Hell yeah!

Okay now Maimi is going to let us listen in to her private thoughts. This is an exciting once in a lifetime chance to hear the innermost workings of an idols brain. I can’t wait!

So Maimi has gone to a ‘hotel’…

Ah that’s good of you. As opposed to what? Stamping your feet and demanding attention?

Well go inside if you are scared of insects.

Err do idols mainly just think about insects? Come on cheer up. You are on holiday.

Shut up! No insects will appear!

They don’t count!

Still doesn’t count!

Well that’s just silly. Right I’m stopping listening!

Berryz Koubou Pocket Morning Berryz Q&A

6 responses to “Morningtime Interviews…Yajima Maimi Plus Berryz Q&A

  1. Great stuff, MT! My favorite is Momoko’s answer to the Pocket Berryz question. Definitely batshit insane. Curious though, what’s the black and white photo from?

  2. The insects part made me laugh, I like how Maimi is looking up in one of the screencaps too. XD I think it’s true though, idols do like to speak about insects…

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