A quick, strange leftfield post from me. Mainly to showcase the wonderful Cuca. A great Youtube singer and dancer from Japan who loves Hello! Project. Really she should be an Egg soon. Come on Tsunku don’t fuck this one up!

Cuteness overload. I like the way she often finds suitable cloths to wear too like with this Ai-chan number…

And with this performance of The Peace!

She can also act out the whole idol schtick too…

Adorable. I hope one day she gets to become an idol. If it’s with H!P then it’s future will be in safe hands…well feet. You can check out her blog here.

Meanwhile a quick mention to my favourite UK-based Youtube dancer. Abbie. I find her enthusiasm and ability to play the part so well really cute. Sadly she doesn’t cover H!P stuff too often but here is her dancing to C-ute’s Massara Blue Jeans. She’s also good at editing her vids. She puts a lot of effort in and should be supported!

Finally another Youtube dancer who I tip for great things is this one…


Personally I think she’s wonderful. I hope she manages to find a career for herself outside the tube. 😛


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