I Missed Junjun’s Birthday…

>< So this post is a happy somewhat belated 24th birthday to Junyum. It was her birthday 11th January. She seems to be shooting some movie or something at the moment. I saw this sexy bedhead pic a few days back which is related to it…

That look is so damn hot! Well at least the hair is if not the lipstick. Although if the lipstick is smeared due to kissing then…^^

Anyway a quick bit of picspam to celebrate Junjun’s 24th year…

She may be 24 but she can pass for younger!

Junjun is probably checking out pics of Shimizu. 😛


Err…lick? ^^

Let’s smile…and do some other stuff too. Nom!

Junjun enjoying being solo and centre stage. Two things that pretty much never happened in Morning Musume. She’s probably wondering why there aren’t six or seven Japanese girls and Linlin to the left of her.


Mmm…flexible. ^^

Mmm…sucky. 😀

I like the way she is leaning forward. Junjun is so damn gorgeous.

Boys and bananas. What more could a girl want? 😛

I met Junjun in Paris and even though I’d just spoken briefly to Ai-chan (who is of course my idol Queen) I was still struck by how beautiful Junjun was. I had to stand there for a while waiting for Junjun to sign my photo (something that happily if a little uncomfortably seemed to take ages as Hexi was getting Linlin to sign a huge calendar page and it was using up all the desk space). While waiting I felt such warmth for her. I really do admire Junjun so much. The effort it must have took to be in Morning Musume. Being in a foreign country, learning a foreign language and all the hard work an idol has to do anyway, it can’t have been easy. But Junjun made it look easy. She was great. Always the most entertaining on tv shows and so unique. I still miss her presence in Momusu even now. Junjun may no longer be in Morning Musume or even in Japan but she’ll forever be in my idol-loving heart! I hope she has lots of success back in her native China and I hope all her fans outside of China can continue to see her efforts and continue to support her. Happy belated birthday!


12 responses to “I Missed Junjun’s Birthday…

  1. I’m still under the opinion that the Pandas were booted from MoMusu WAAAAY before their time. It was a foolish, dare I say stupid move on Tsunku/UFA’s part considering how well the girls performed and how they were so popular with fans.

    Maybe they were under a limited contract? Who knows? Who cares? All I know is that MoMusu was a better group with JunJun and LinLin.

    Too bad Tsunku/UFA still hadn’t done anything with the Korean girl. I would have liked to see her in MoMusu.

    • I heard someone say they may have been booted as it would have been unthinkable for Chinese members to be senior to ninth gen Japanese members. I hope that’s not true though.

      Actually the Korean one has potential. I’d like to see her used too.

      • I think I was that someone. I heard it from someone else as well, but I think it makes sense with the little knowledge I have of Japanese society.

        As for Daeyon (was that her name, the Korean girl?), people say it might be because of the Korean wave. Like, a bad timing for a Korean girl to debut. Not sure why bad though.

  2. These pics are awesome. I have always thought Junjun was beautiful. So jealous you got to see her!!! Thank you for reminding me how lovely she is!

  3. I agree with you, not just about how beautiful Junjun is but also how incredibly entertaining she was in Momusu. One of my favorites was in Aika’s week of Yorosen, when Junjun was sampling the gourmet dog treats. That was one of the best episodes of that entire show.

    I really haven’t been following Momusu very much since she and Linlin got booted. I don’t know much of anything about the girls in the last two generations. It’s not that I have anything negative to say about them, I just haven’t paid much attention at all.

    At any rate, I miss Junjun being in the group (and Linlin, and Ai-chan, and Koharu, etc.). Oh, and I love the picspam – favorites are the second and third pics, something about the school uniforms always gets me.

    • Junjun’s week with the Berryz was good too. Junjun and Momo made good sparring partners. 😛

      As for teh new members I don’t know the tenth gen yet but I love some of the ninth. Specifically Ikuta Erina and Suzuki Kanon.

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