C-uties Day

February 5th is Nakajima Saki’s 18th birthday. Meanwhile February 7th is Yajima Maimi’s 20th birthday and Hagiwara Mai’s 16th birthday. C-ute are an awesome group. Guaranteed to bring happiness to even the most miserable day. So catchy, fun, HAPPY and indeed quintessentially H!PPY! So what better way to celebrate these three idols special days than with some picspam! ^^

Three lovely idols from one group all having birthdays in a three day period. Happy birthday to all three of them. C-ute are currently my favourite Hello! Project group. The best thing about idols are the happiness they bring. Both through their music, image dvd’s, acting, tv show appearances, photos and so on. C-ute are great because as well as being made up of such wonderful girls they also seem like such a tight-knit family. They have been together since such a young age with Maimi the older sister type, Nacky the support to her and Maimai the youngest of the family. I think Chisato is the one who sometimes feels lost in the mix and so has a great rivalry with the others to try and push herself forward and be noticed. Meanwhile Airi is in the middle and totally oblivious. She just does her own thing. >< C-ute have never done a bad single. Their body of work is excellent. I can strill happily listen to every one of their singles. At the same time they have had some great album tracks too. In terms of live shows they are so professional and polished. Their dancing is the best in H!P and their personalities leap off the stage. C-ute are pure happiness. Invigorating, fun and of course, as the name suggests, cute as anything. Nakajima Saki is my favourite current H!P idol but I really like all five members so much. I look forward to another year of great entertainment from them. Their seventh album is out on 8th February and their next single is released on 18th April. The single release really excites me as there are five different limited editions. Each comes with a solo version of the single from each member. Limited C is Nacky’s so that’s a must-have for me. After that who knows. Dare I hope for some overseas concerts? Well Momusu, Berryz, Mano and now Buono have all travelled. So surely it’s C-ute’s turn next? Please? Bring it on! ^^


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