Top Ten Hello! Project Idols 2012

Every year I seem to do a list of my favourite current Hello! Project members so here is the 2012 version. Two previous favourites have left in the past year or so. Yes there’s no more Ai-chan or Yuuka in H!P. So my new currently active in H!P top ten in reverse order is…

10. Suzuki Airi.

Okay I might not be as big a fan of Airi as most H!P fans seem to be but I do think she is a fantastic singer and she has a very funny personality. When it comes to C-ute I love them all so not being my favourite in the group is no insult. Airi is undoubtedly a fantastic and talented idol and she deserves all the success and the support she has had. She’s always a joy to watch. She combines singing and dancing talent with an extroverted and funny personality. She was born to be an idol. There is nothing not to like about her!

9. Tanabe Nanami.

Who you might ask? Well Tanabe is my favourite Hello! Pro Kenshuusei. What you might ask? Well Hello! Pro Kenshuusei is the new name for Hello Pro Eggs. It changed it’s name in January 2012. No I didn’t know that either until just now. Anyway I don’t know a lot about Tanabe – probably because she’s still an Egg – but I do know she is as cute as something that really is very bloody cute you know. She also did backing dancing for Mano at her live shows last year where her cuteness and her genkiness were plain to see. She also has a small backing role in Suugaku Joshi Gakuen and a part in the theater production Stronger that features C-ute members Nacky, Chisato and Mai. That hopefully means H!P managemet think there is more to come from her in the future. Anyway now that Nakajima Saki is too old for it Tanabe is my new ‘idol I want to adopt’. Kawaii!

8. Suzuki Kanon.

I love an idol with a great sense of humour. And if it’s humour you want then there’s no doubt about it…Kanon can (awful pun copywrite about 1980 I think). Kanon has a big personality that shone through during her auditions for Momusu and has only grown since then. I guess she could be for the ninth gen what Ogawa Makoto was for the fifth. She gives great entertainment whether it be on Hello Pro Time, in making of pv features or on stage during mc’s. The ninth gen are a strong group. Kanon brings to it her lively, extroverted personality and it’s great to see.

7. Tanaka Reina.

Reina has been in Momusu a long time now and has become a really important member. Along with Ai-chan she basically ran the front line for several years. Now with Ai-chan gone and with possible replacements such as Riho and Haruka still growing into the role Reina is arguably the lead vocals for the group. It would be difficult to begrudge her this moment. She has grown from a young girl who on an Utaban asked her future self if she “became cute” into a very talented young woman. And she did it all her way. The yankii personality is as funny as it is sexy. The clothes are as sexy as they are sexy…err…and her part in Suugaku joshi Gakuen is a really funny (and possibly only slight) exaggeration of her idol persona. Or is it actually a clawing back of that persona? Anyway Reina gives great entertainment both through her work on stage and through her personality on and off stage. A top entertainer!

6. Okai Chisato.

Chisato has such drive and competitiveness while still being a loving member of the C-ute family. She has many tomboy qualities yet looks feminine and beautiful. She looks feminine and beautiful yet without looking like she is trading in self-respect for her trouble. I always saw Chissa as the type of idol a non-girly girl could look up to. There should be an idol for everyone and with Chissa (just like with her ex-Egg sister Asuna) we have an idol who is feisty and strong rather than, say, the Momoko type who plays up exaggerated cuteness and weakness to curry favour. Chisato is also an idol who doesn’t have the typical stick-thin bikini figure yet who is nevertheless very attractive looking. Oh and like all of C-ute she’s a great dancer as can be seen from her Youtube vids. I hope she does some more of them. Oh and more photobooks, dvd’s, solo songs on C-ute albums and all the other things idols get to do. C-ute are my favourite current H!P group. I hope Chissa and the rest stick around for a long time to come.

5. Ikuta Erina.

Who doesn’t love an idol who is both pretty, funny and adorkable. Yes Erina is an adorable dork. She has become my favourite ninth generation Momusu member. During the auditions Riho was my favourite. Just after they had all joined Kanon became my fav. However now that they have all settled in Erina has clearly risen to the top. Like Kanon Erina is funny, albeit in a different way. But with Erina I just love her expressions when performing so much. The best idols make you feel happy to be watching them and Erina is growing from a slightly awkward looking new idol into a beautiful and happy confident performer. I am enjoying the journey with her so far. More than any other ninth or tenth generation member I am excited at the prospect of spending the next few years with her.

4. Yajima Maimi.

C-ute’s leader. Well to me C-ute’s big sis. Maimi is another great Hello! Project idol. Beautiful, athletic, a great dancer (like all of C-ute) and also, crucially, a joy to watch. The best idols have something about them not just offstage but on. Maimi is a great performer. Her expressions draw you in. The best idols emit happiness and watching Maimi that is what you receive. Beyond her performances though there is also her position as C-ute’s leader. C-ute are so tight-knit it’s wonderful. Maimi is two years older than the second oldest (Nakajima Saki) and gives off an aura of being a perfect leader for the group. C-ute are happy. C-ute are family. Maimi is the eldest of the siblings and is a key part of that happiness. She is a great idol. Oh and she also does horror movies. What’s not to like? This girl is cool!

All that and I didn’t even mention her great thighs or her lovely eyes wide shut smile. ^^

3. Mano Erina.

It was so close between third and fourth. It was a real write name, delete, write name, delete tussle. Anyway in the end Mano just edged third from Maimi.

I love Mano’s music so much. In fact More Friends is one of my favourite H!P albums ever. I really love her early piano led singles too though. Her music is criminally underrated even amongst general Hello! Project fans. But beyond her music there is much more to Mano. She has a cute personality that more than matches her cute looks. Plus she really loves being an idol. There have been several occasions on stage where the emotion of it all has gotten to her and there have been tears of joy. Although the first tears I ever saw were more of sadness – coming as they did during her final concert with Ongaku Gatas. Here was someone sad to be leaving a group she had bonded with even though she was going on to far bigger things under her own name. Last year’s live dvd Mano Erina Concert Tour 2011 ~Hatachi no Otome 801 DAYS~ has a touching moment in one of the extras where she is shown overcome with (one presumes this time happy) emotion during one song and, losing her voice amidst the tears, she holds out the microphone for the audience to sing instead. There is also a moment during one of her first live dvd’s where towards thbe end of one song on the piano the tears start to come. Despite the occasional tears Mano has a lovely personality, so genki and happy. She also clearly loves doing the job of being an idol. Who can resist somebody who loves doing so much what we love them doing so much? Mano is wonderful. I can’t wait for her third album More Friends Over to be released in March!

2. Michishige Sayumi.

SAYUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! Michishige Sayumi is without doubt the funniest, cutest and most entertaining current Momusu member. She is also going to be a great leader. Few can doubt that she absolutely loves kids so considering most of Morning Musume are now kids that should work out well. 😛 Seriously though, despite her acidic-tongued humour, Sayumi is actually an idol with a very big and very beautiful heart. She hides it behind her humour a lot but with just a little bit of looking it’s there plain to see. About the only thing that is plain with Sayu! She also adores Momusu. Sayumi is beautiful and cute looking, does great photobooks, has very cute mannerisms (she is the Queen of the cute pose) and is probably in bed with Ikuta right now a brilliant idol. She’s my clear number two idol by a long way. Sayu = love!

1. Nakajima Saki.

It may come as a surprise to people to know that my persona online is just a huge exaggeration done for humorous effect. I am not half (or even a quarter) as pervy as my jokes would make out. That’s not to say that I don’t find H!P idols attractive because I do. Just look at them. They are lovely! But really I don’t tend to sexually fantasise aout them. My interest in them is actually a far sweeter type of admiration. Even Sayumi who I do find sexy brings out in me, for the most part, a healthy type of lust based on her cute, funny and slightly evil personality as much as on her lovely face and figure. It’s not really a trousers round the ankles type of lust. So with all that it’s onto my current favourite idol Nakajima Saki. I always wanted to adopt her. When she was younger she was such a loveable, sweet, shy-looking thing. Now she has grown up into a beautiful, confident and still rather sweet young woman. She is too old to adopt but I would like her to be a cross between my maid and my personal assistant. Oh and my sugared daughter. Nacky is pure undiluted happy happy joy joy to me. Sweet, adorable, funny, cute, happy, lovely…all that makes for an idol really. And so if any of you so much as lay a finger on her I will come around and cut off your testicles. If you have any. If not I’ll just cut off your fingers. 😛 For you see my love for Nacky is actually quite pure. She’s so cute. Just like my favourite ever idol Takahashi Ai she is perfect girlfriend material. To me that means so much respect and love is felt and any lust is secondary and is dealt with in private. Just between the two of us. In the confines of a loving relationship. Our bedroom antics are our own business. ^^ Or in other words Nacky is the sweet type of idol. I like sweets. They are lovely to suck on…I mean I like sweet types. They are the type I support the most. Ai-chan, Konno, Nacky, they have all had a sweet, cute type of vibe to them. My absolute favourites often do.

I am proud and happy to support Nacky as much as I can. I have both her photobooks, her special edition W Saki extended making of dvd, her e-LineUP dvd and many photos too. Plus recently I bought her Spring 2011 live solo angle dvd from the fanclub. Oh and I subbed this solo angle version of Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko. One of many subs I have done most of which are available here.

Anyway to finish with here are some cute Nacky blog pics. I love her blog. Her pics are always fun and cute. Often they are full of English phrases too.

Nakajima Saki is a wonderful idol. 🙂

13 responses to “Top Ten Hello! Project Idols 2012

  1. This was a beautifully written post. You sort of switched off your Morningtime mode I see… 🙂

    As you know, my top ten would look very similar. As always, I loved your reasoning too. Especially about Manochan you described my thoughts very well, thoughts that I couldn’t put into words before. Do you want to guess my top 10? You can answer me in private, because this is your blog!

    I still ask, why Nanami. (Rhetorical question. XD) So, we can’t call them eggs anymore? Oh and what about Karin? I almost can hear Karin crying, “I thought at least Morningtime would pick me…” Karin would be my favourite current egg. Not in the top 10 though.

    Those Nacky pics are cute, but the way she pouts her lips in some is extremely unflattering. She’s so pretty when she smiles normally… why does she do that. But I never understood this duck lips thing anyway. It’s neither funny nor cute.

    Nacky might be outside outside of my top ten, but the way you describe her is so lovely, it almost makes me like her more. Right now I’d say my favourite in C-ute is Chisa, and after her, Airi… but just like you, I like them all, so this is no insult to Nacky. 🙂 I just don’t pay enough attention to her I guess.

    • Nanami is just cute. How do you explain cute to someone? It’s so subjective. XD I like Karin too but she’d be eleventh or twelfth. Maybe even thirteenth after Momo and Chinami.

      I don’t like the duck lips thing that much either. Although a pout can be cute like in the picture of Nacky and her dog. ^^

      as for your top ten…well I’m pretty sure about number one. After Sayu though I’d say Mano is 2. Then I’m not so sure. I’d say Mizuki Fukumura, Ikuta Erina, Suzuki Kanon, Okai Chisato, Momoko maybe? Reina? Hmm…it gets difficult. Woof Woof? Then maybe Airi? I’m not sure. 🙂

      • Pretty good. 🙂 So, if I may post them here: 1. Sayu, 2. Mano, 3. Reina, 4. Eripon, 5. Zukki, 6. Chisato, 7. Airi, 8. Dawa, 9. Fukuchan, 10. Riho. Momoko and especially Aika both much lower. You just think I’m a big Aika fan, because with you, I have to defend her all the time. LOL

  2. Wow I’m surprised you thought that about Fukuchan! She’s been my… like, 20th fave H!P member ever since she joined. The only time I have ever noticed her is yesterday when I saw a really touching vid of her. So this might be just a temporary attraction to her. I think she’s very pretty, but otherwise I have never paid much attention to her.

    As for Dawa, I definitely like her lots! After watching a lot of S/mileage stuff, both new and old, she is definitely my favourite from the group.

      • Oh, I see. I thought you meant Fukuchan is has more male fans than female fans. But… I find the girls in my top ten even prettier than Fukuchan… except for Zukki, but she’s awesome in other ways (and I do find her pretty too)… I’m very shallow really, when it comes to idols. And apparently, manly too? XD I don’t see how though. I think girls look up to beautiful idols as something they wish to become.

      • I agree. Idols are there to be looked up to after all. But what is inside is a big part of the attraction. Most H!P idols are pretty. It’s the personality that makes the difference. It’s like Miki Fujimoto is pretty but I have never liked her due to her personality. XD

      • I already told you this in private, but since it’s been a public discussion, I feel like adding it here too. I find it difficult to separate people into two parts like that, inside and outside. If I don’t like a person, I probably won’t like his or her looks either. Likeable people have likeable (= pretty) faces. Annoying people have annoying (= ugly) faces. That’s why my favourites ranking and beauty ranking go hand in hand for the most part. And it seems the prettier the idol, the more I like her. But it’s not that simple. Maybe I’m not as shallow as I think. Maybe. XD

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