Renai Hunter

Momusu’s next single is called Renai Hunter. Judging by these recent promotional pictures I’d quite like to be the one being hunted! ^^

Ah Sayu. Current Queen of H!P. ^^ Shoot that poison…err…laser through my heart. 😀 Hit me with that laser beam!

Renai Hunter? No! Reina Hunter! ><


Ikuta Erina is my favourite ninth gen member. No question! She is beautiful, funny and an enthusiastic Gaki wota. Okay I think she should be an enthusiastic Sayu one instead but at least she is totally into someone in H!P. Respect! She is probably my second favourite in the group now. The ninth gen are great and give me real enthusiasm for the future of Momusu. Erina is the idol who makes me feel it the most!*

I think Haruka suits longer hair much more than the boyish short hair she had when she joined. She suddenly stands out so much more with her hair like this. It suits her face more and suddenly she looks pretty. She looks like she could become a real beauty.

Kanon is my second favourite ninth gen member. As for the tenth gen they haven’t made any impression on me yet (notwithstanding liking Haruka’s pics up above). The ninth made me excited even during the auditions but the tenth just don’t seem to interest me (yet).

I can’t find any Gaki or Woof Woof Mitsui pcis yet and only one Sayu one. I am looking forward to seeing more though.

Anyway onwards through 2012 and beyond. Morning Musume keep on hunting out our love! :3

*If you are thinking something dirty then stop it! I didn’t mean it in that way. ><


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