Morningtime is 4!

Yes April 1st 2012 is the fourth birthday of this blog. I didn’t think back when I started it I’d still be blogging four years later. In fact when I started I wasn’t even sure if I’d have anything to say. Four years later and it’s clear I had quite a lot to say and most of it nonsense. >< A lot has happened in that four years though. I met Hangry & Angry in Lahndahn then a month or so later went to Paris to see  Morning Musume live in concert for the first time. I also met them and got their autographs and then met my wonderful girlfriend on the day of the concert. Now THAT was a great few days.  😀

There have been many graduations during the four years but also many new arrivals and Hello! Project keeps going strong. C-ute are absolutely fantastic and the wonderful Mano Erina has had some great singles and a second album that is probably amongst the best that any H!P artist or artists has ever done. Plus Morning Musume still keep on coming out with great singles such as Maji Desu ka Suka and the great double A-side Kono Chikyū no Heiwa o Honki de Negatterun da yo!/Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai! S/mileage came onto the scene with some great singles too although Yuuka leaving has disappointed me. Still at least Yuuka arrived in the first place. High-King and early S/mileage FTW! My all-time favourite idol Takahashi Ai has graduated but there are still enough idols that give off that wonderful life-affirming wave of happiness that only idols can give. Nakajima Saki, Michishige Sayumi, Yajima Maimi,  the great ninth gen member Ikuta Erina and of course Mano Erina are all idols I love to see perform. There’s no reason to think my love of H!P will be stopping anytime soon. Even the Eggs (or whatever they are called now) have some fantastic potential in them. Tanabe Nanami is my favourite but there’s also the ultra popular Miyamoto Karin who is surely destined for great things. She’s even just been in Up To Boy magazine. H!P don’t seem to get into that too much anymore so the fact one of the Eggs has is extra impressive. Beyond H!P I also have developed a real liking for Shoko Nakagawa and BabyMetal. Plus Momoiro Clover have impressed me and I may well be heading to Paris this summer to check them out.

The nonsense is probably a bit thinned out here now. I don’t blog as much and feel at times like I’ve said everything there is to say and made every humorous type of post I can think of. Yet there are still times when I feel I absolutely must post some pictures of someone to show how much enjoyment they give and I still feel inclined to blog whenever I see something I really like such as with the sixth episode of Suugaku Joshi Gakuen. I guess there’s life left in the old Mitsui yet. Maybe I’ll even make it to five. Talking of Mitsui I recently had an idea to open an opticians for dogs and call it Mitsui Eyecare. It would be a fitting tribute to her. Especially as Tsunku was clearly having a blind moment himself when he chose her. >.>

Anyway that is all I have to say so I may as well finish in the great Morningtime tradition with a crap joke…

The trip to Paris has affected Airi’s mind…

She’s in C-ute, not Berets Kobo.

And with puns like that is it any wonder not many people comment here? >< But for those who do/have I would like to say…

Oh and what the hell. One final picture. As well as awful jokes I also have a thing for pervy comments and pictures. So here is a picture of my favourite ever idol Takahashi Ai with my favourite current Momusu member Michishige Sayumi…

I think that picture is fapulous…I mean fabulous. An Ai-chan and Sayu pairing is so much more stimulating than an Ai-chan and Gaki one. ^^


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