C-ute – Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku

C-ute’s Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku went on sale on Wednesday and early suggestions are that it’s their best selling single in a long while. It spent the first three days at numbers 4, 5 and 3 in the charts but unconfirmed reports are that it has sold 17,362 copies on the first day alone (the song in third place that day had sold 27,000 so fourth place was really good). On the second day it was reported to have sold 7,083 copies. For the third day it sold 3,511 copies.  So for three days the sales are 27,956.* C-ute’s biggest selling single so far is Tokaikko Junjou which sold 38,085 overall but only 27,943 in it’s first week so it looks like this single has at least beat Junjou’s first week sales. Can it go even further and beat it’s overall sales? Well I hope so. If not this week then after next week’s sales. The biggest ever first week sales however were for Namida no Iro which sold 30,008 in it’s first week. As Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku has sold in three days just a little over 2,000 less than that I have high hopes that this single will have C-ute’s best ever first week sales.

I think C-ute’s sales are wonderful. As a huge fan of the group I’m so glad that they are suddenly seeing such a big leap. Their last single (the excellent poptastic Sekaiichi Happy na Onna no Ko) sold just over 16,000 copies in it’s first week so this could double that. C-ute virtually never do a bad single so it’s success that is deserved but I have to admit in recent times I’d been a little worried at their falling sales. They were still having top ten hits and that in itself is fantastic but I was wondering if maybe Hello! Project would be starting to think of looking for newer groups with new, fresher idols (S/mileage after all have made a good impression so far with decent sales and awards). Yet for this release they have really pulled out the stops and it’s paying off. One thing that may well have helped sales is the release of individual versions. With each member getting a solo version of the song (released as the third track on each member’s cd alongside the normal version of the song and a coupling track called Ai wa Itsumo Itsumo) fans will be encouraged to buy their favourite members version or maybe several different members versions. Those five versions plus the normal cd and a limited cd with a dvd means there’s certainly plenty of scope for people having bought more than one version. But hopefully another reason for the increase in sales is the amount of promotion H!P have put into this release.

Everyday in April on the official C-ute Youtube channel a different version of the pv is being put up. Yes that’s 30 different versions. In amongst these are several versions with each member singing their solo version of the song. The song is beautiful, the pv’s lovely and the girls themselves beautiful, lovely and mesmerising. Add to that the fact some of the pv’s were filmed in Hawaii and you have 30 days of Paradise and a lasting legacy of Heavenly bodies singing for your enjoyment. ^^

Anyway here’s to the next few days sales and hopefully to several more years of fantastic C-ute singles and albums. This group has become my favourite in H!P over the past year or so. Their live dvd’s are blistering, their songs excellent and the members are so good together and separately. They deserve so much more success than they have ever had. Hopefully this single’s sales will help them achieve more success in future.

Edit: Fourth day chart position: #2. Sales: 3,180. So for the first four days they have sold 31,136 copies. Their best ever first week sales. 😀

Edit 2: Fifth day chart position #2. Sales 4,158. Sales overall 35,294. Another three thousand sales and it will pass Tokkaiko Junjou and be their most successful single to date! It’s also outsold Mikan’s first two week’s sales. If this single can sell more than 38,667 C-ute will be the first of the kids groups to outsell a Momusu single (not counting Buono whose Honto no Jibun sold 42,000 copies).

Edit 3: C-ute at 2 again with sales of 2,931. That means the first week sales are 38,225. It means Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku is their biggest selling single ever. If it sells another 443 copies it will have outsold Mikan making C-ute the only one of the junior groups to outsell a Momusu single (not counting Buono). Congratulations to C-ute. It’s a fantastic week for them. 🙂

Edit 4: Official sales figures for the week are 40,060. C-ute are at number three in the weekly chart and this single is their best selling one to date. Fantastic news! 😀

Below are the individual member covers to the single and some of the pv’s from Youtube. If you need to ask which members version I bought you obviously haven’t read this blog very often. 😛

Finally on a slightly separate note H!P have also uploaded this excellent dance shot version of Sakura Chirari. The members are wearing their Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku outfits and dancing in front of trees of (what else?) cherry blossoms. It’s rather lovely!

*All sales figures courtesy of Generasia’s C-ute page.

Another edit: Maimi has a nine minute drama version of the pv up. It’s great to see H!P doing something so different to the usual dance shot and close-up type of thing. I hope the other members get a similar drama version. 🙂


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