What makes you glad you were born a wota?

Someone asked me this question on Formspring

“What makes you glad you were born a wota?”

I like the question and I also like the opportunity it gives me to once again talk about some positives regarding idol culture. Because of that I thought I’d repeat my answer below…

I wish I had been. Unfortunately it took me far too many years to find wotadom. But now that I have I would say the reasons to be glad are many…
1. The wonderful joy idols bring. Their energy, enthusiasm, beauty and talent is amazing to watch. The joy your favourite idol brings is something that non-idol fans just can’t comprehend. The happiness they bring through their hard work, talent and personality and your happiness and willingness to support them create a really positive force. Life-affirming joy follows!
2. Great music and other forms of entertainment. Japanese idol music is so happy and catchy. How can you resist? It’s also so different to western music. There’s a sort of lack of ego in the lyrics and performances that makes it available to everyone and there’s a real joyful energy that gives a feeling of elation. Perfect! Also tv appearances, musicals, plays and so on spread the entertainment to so many different areas of entertainment thereby creating a whole world to embrace and enjoy.
3. Other wotas. There are lots of really wonderful people out there sharing the same enjoyment. People who don’t pre-judge others and who are open to different cultures and different ideas. People who don’t just conform to the ‘norm’ and don’t criticise others for being themselves.
So great entertainment, beautiful and talented idols and funny and kind friends. What more could you want?

I posted these pictures because if it’s freshness, happiness, fun, great music and wonderful entertainment then IT MUST BE C-UTE! 😉


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