Formspring Questions…

…Well and answers too obviously.

I thought I’d post a few of the questions I’d received on Formspring along with my answers. You can ask questions here if you are so inclined.

Two of Morning Musume’s most iconic members are set to graduate today, care two give your thoughts on their future?

I knew Gaki was graduating but I didn’t realise Sayu or Reina was too.

I think Gaki will do what a lot of ex H!P members do and find a career on stage in plays and musicals plus maybe some tv acting and lots of fan club activities. I think UFA is pretty decent at keeping ex idols in the industry. If you think of Dream Morning Musume all their members have been constantly in the business since graduating. They have all been either appearing in plays and musicals (Yuko, Kei, Nacchi, etc), releasing records in new units (IshiYoshi), presenting 756 different tv programmes each week (Yaguchi), acting in tv shows (Rika, Yuko) or appearing as celebrities/talents on variety shows and the like (all of them). Oh and of course Koharu has presented Oha Star and become a model (and ruined her teeth by ‘fixing’ them). Plus they all continue to have dinner shows and other fan club related activities. Basically with UFA, unless you are a total fuck up like Kago Ai, you are managed after graduating and you do continue in the business if you want to. Can ex AKB members say the same? Rumours of virtual prostitution from less successful ex members suggest perhaps not. I always get the impression that UFA at least has a long-term care package in place. Idols don’t just get dumped with a “thanks and bye”.

Gaki will have no problems I’m sure. I’ve never really been interested in her but she does have a good fan base so I’m sure she’ll do fine. I reckon she’ll link up with Ai-chan for fan club activities a lot too. Good luck to her.

You found that you’ve failed a test! What excuse do you give the authoritative figure responsible for your well being?

I hadn’t slept well enough this week due to having these weird dreams about Meimi. Also I feel weak, I look pale and I have these strange marks on my neck…

What is the definition of a wota to you?

Well I guess it’s someone with an obsessive interest in something if you take the meaning literally. But for me in terms of H!P fandom I just see it as someone who has a passionate but healthy love of something. Someone who takes great pleasure from idols and who crucially also enjoys supporting them by buying merchandise. I guess it’s somebody who has immersed themselves in the idol culture for some time and is committed to enjoying and supporting favourite singers, groups and so on. I use the term loosely and as a compliment.

If you could go on a road trip with any person, dead or alive, who would it be and where would you go?

I’d go to Nakajima Saki’s second-hand underwear store with Nacky and I’d go there alive.

If there was one thing about idol culture that you could change what would it be?

Do YouTube (wannabe) personalities and their tedious dramas count as idol culture? No. No they don’t. In which case I’ll have to think of something else. Err…in terms of western idol culture I’d change the attitude a lot of people have towards idols. I’d like fans to reflect the idols and what they stand for a bit more.

Is there any aspect of idol culture that has had an affect on you as a person? For example, something interacting with idol culture changed how I view this or that.

I think my interest in idol culture has made me more aware of positivity as a force for good. I mean I can’t always be positive. Well who can? But I am about 500% more positive than I was before I found idol culture. The happiness and positivity of idols each day is like the equivalent of going on holiday for a month. It keeps your batteries constantly recharged. The support you feel for your favourite idols is also a great feeling. Mainly I just think idol culture is a happy, positive force. It’s also completely harmless so why some non-fans see it as weird…well the things they are into are uglier on every level.

If you could ask Morning Musume a question for the pocket morning question what would it be?

Hmm…maybe something where they have to discuss the other members. Describe the other members in one word? Who is the funniest? Who is the best kisser? Whose fingers are the biggest? Whose orgasm is the loudest? Oh yeah okay maybe not. Err…who is your favourite AKB member?

Where’s your favorite place to buy clothes?

Nakajima Saki’s second-hand underwear store.

Which songs do you like the most on More Friends Over? How would you rank the three (Mano) albums?

The best album for me is More Friends. It’s probably my favourite H!P album ever. After that Friends is also really good. So many great singles although it does lose points for Santa no Saxaphone. Finally More Friends Over is…not really gripping me as much yet but I do like it. In terms of non-single tracks I like Eien Tasogare Kousaten time goes by, Anata ga Iru Kara and especially Nekketsu Sensei. Kaze no Bara is filthy though and I’ll be revealing the whole shocking truth in a MorningPeeFansub just as soon as a live clip becomes available. Filthy Mano is filthy.

What would you do if you found a portal to a parallel universe? What if you could slide into a thousand different worlds where it’s the same year, and you’re the same person, but everything else is different? And what if you can’t find your way home?

I would seek psychiatric help for the fact that I think that’s happening. I mean it might well actually be happening but I’d still presume I’d gone nuts.

Where would you most like to go to on a vacation?

Nakajima Saki’s second-hand underwear store.

What would you scream when diving into a pool from a 20-meter bridge?


If you were entering a haunted house, which Hello! Pro member would you want to take with you?

Mitsui. And I’d leave her there. XD Oh okay otherwise Ai-chan would have been great as she’d be very grabby. ^^ Of the current members I’d take Nacky and put my arm around her to protect her. 🙂

Which is better, Momusu chicks or S/mileage pigs? Oh and I do mean the outfits, just to make it clear. XD

Both were equally weird. But S/mileage still looked attractive in theirs whereas Momusu didn’t. Both are preferable to Berryz monkeys though. I think C-ute are foxes and that’s better still. ^^

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Strawberry. Also idol nipple flavour.

What would you do if you were trapped in a room with Kamei Eri and Mitsui Aika and no way out?

I would ignore Aika as much as possible and try to chat up Eri. If it was just Aika I’d hold my hand over her nose and mouth then I’d lie on the floor. When the lift eventually opened I’d make gasping noises as though I was struggling for air then explain afterwards that I was asphyxiating due to lack of air in the lift. I’d ask how Aika is with a concerned expression. The perfect crime. >.>

Do you believe in aliens?

I believe in MaiMai.

If you could be a stage play with any H!P member who would it be and what would the play be about?

It would be with Nacky and would be the story of a cute Japanese maid falling for the kind older English guy who employs her. ^^ Co-starring Michishige Sayumi as the live-in nurse, Yajima Maimi as the fitness coach and Mitsui Aika as the terrifying hound of the moors.

If you did a duet with a Hello!Pro member, who would you want to try singing with?

I’d sing with Sayumi. We could do Rainbow Pink or Merry Pin’ Xmas. It would be awful but still somehow not quite as bad as the original.

How long have you had your favorite pair of blue jeans?

Since I got into C-ute and downloaded the pv. Mmm…thrusting. ^^

Which H!P member do you think of when you hear the words “perfect idol”?

Ai-chan. But I guess she’s an ex-idol now. So of the current idols maybe Maimi. She’s a great big sister and leader of C-ute. Can sing, dance, is really athletic, really pretty, acts well and is always smiling. That’s a great idol!

If you could have been the author of any book, what would it have been?

The Idol Kama Sutra. Using real idols for the illustrations. I’d research the book thoroughly. Although I may skip on growing a beard.


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