Berryz工房×℃-ute 『超HAPPY SONG』 pv released

Okay so Tsunku pulled a stroke of genius when two separate songs from the last C-ute and Berryz albums turned out to actually be one song split in two. Once people noticed this the song was quickly released on itunes as a download only track. However now it is being released as a physical single too and today the official mbcms channel uploaded the pv. It’s fair to say that one viewing is all it took to fall in love with the pv totally.

Right from the split screen beginning with the two albums to the end with the HP dresses this pv charms and delights. I am a much bigger C-ute fan than a Berryz one but everyone looks amazing here and the H!P kids (who are of course no longer kids) just merge together into an utterly breathtaking unit. Just look…

The two albums.

The genius of Tsunku.

C-ute through and through. Happy, laughing, energetic idols. ♥♥♥♥♥

Chinami steals the Berryz show!



Miyabi looking beautiful!



Risako looks great and like with Miyabi I don’t tend to normally think that.

Idols hugging!

More idols hugging! What could be better?

Idols kissing! Of course! That could be better. ^^


A horse and an alien getting along!

Maimai looking cute!

My waifu!




Chissa so cute in amongst everyone!

Chinami and Maasa!



A change of outfit!

Idols looking beautiful!


The genius!

The new single! It must be bought!

The end of the pv. “HP”. Hello! Project. Wonderful, entertaining, lively,  happy, mesmerising, funny, beautiful, incredible and simply amazing. Those words describe this song, pv and Hello! Project in general.

This is the best H!P release in just about ever and H!P have had plenty of fantastic releases. There are so many superlatives and none of them do this justics. This is just 😀 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 😀


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