New purchases (including C-ute Alo-Hello 2 photobook)

I might not blog as much as I used to but my life is still as full of H!P (and other idols) as ever. I still buy a lot of stuff and so felt it was about time I actually blogged about some purchases again. It’s not something I do often but when one of said purchases is C-ute’s latest Hawaii photobook it’s just got to be done!

All I can say is that as well as being a fantastic group C-ute are also very easy on the eye. Especially Nacky, Maimi, Chisato and Airi. This book has plenty of beach bikini fun but also some horse riding. Cowgirl Nacky! My dream come true. ^^ >.> The majority of pics I’ve found online are bikini pics but there’s plenty more to the photobook than just bikinis. However here are a selection of those pics anyway…

Well they are lovely pics but my personal favourites in the photobook are C-ute on horseback, C-ute on bicycles and Nacky on, in or near anything! Here are a few pics I took of the pb. Apologies for the quality…

That last picture…

Oh and here is a nice bicycle pic I found online…

I claim first in line to hire the bike on the left after Maimi is finished with it.

Oh also I’m feeling quite peckish…

Although my hunger might not be food based. 😀

One of the things I like about the pb is the ‘kind of informal’ shots. Yes of course they are probably staged but they still give you a feel of being there participating with them…

Although that Nacky is acting a bit weird…

Is she smelling it? Eating it? Smelling it to see if she can eat it?

Anyway this pb is well worth purchasing if you are a fan of any or all of the members. C-ute are a wonderful group. Like a close-knit family of damn attractive and adorable sisters and their cousin Mai. C-ute give us great songs, great performances and wonderful idols. If you have never paid them any attention I say stop!

I’d certainly have no hesitation in stopping for C-ute. You’d be mad not to! ^^

In terms of other purchases I have just bought C-ute’s latest live dvd. It’s not released until Wednesday 15th July but YesAsia have sent it out to me today (Tuesday 14th). Hopefully I’ll have it in time for New Year. I have also preordered C-ute’s next single Aitai Aitai Aitaina from CDJapan. It’s not out until 5th September but it’s well worth ordering now as, while stocks last, it comes with a free poster. I’ve seen free posters and trading cards in the past for other H!P groups and artists like S/mileage, Mano Erina and Morning Musume but this is the first time I’ve seen CDJapan giving something away with C-ute. I’ve ordered version C but the cover to version A makes me want that too. ><

I have also been purchasing some photos and other paraphernalia recently. I just received these in the post…

On the top right are two bookmarks. Underneath are some neat little trading cards. On the left some L size photos. All good stuff. ^^ I’m also currently in the process of ordering some Nacky photos from the current H!P summer tour. Nacky is still far and away my currently active number one in H!P. Sayu is still comfortably second mind you.

One final thing I got recently is an iPhone 4S. The Siri feature allows you to speak and the phone will obey. If it understands you…

BABYMETAL are a bizarre idea but they’re not quackers. >.>

Well it just goes to show modern technology can’t always give you what you want.



4 responses to “New purchases (including C-ute Alo-Hello 2 photobook)

  1. Oh I love the pic where Nacky is eating a flower. And not only because you can’t see her mouth. 😛 It’s cute! ^^ The whole PB looks so cute and sunny.

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  3. The photobook looks SO good. Maybe you should also place a “Read More…” so viewers don’t have to scroll down so much in your blog ><

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