Cat’s Eye Seven Bear Cake One

So I was watching the pv making-of to the excellent Cat’s Eye Seven pv and at the end Yurina is presented with a cake…

I have but one question. Why are they giving a 19 year old girl a Pedobear cake? >.>

I have to say Cat’s Eye is a good song with a good pv too. The making-of is excellent simply for seeing the members in those outfits. ^^ Nearly everyone looks great. So have some screencaps…


We live in good times. There was a time when idols didn’t have blogs. Now they do and I’m sure it must help them look for photo opportunities a lot more. ^^

With sunset in the background the members pose for pictures. It must have made for some great looking pics.

Risako’s hair is an odd colour but when she looks happy (instead of bored or half-asleep) she actually has a really cute smile.


I don’t quite know what is going on here. Maimai totally cops a feel of Maimi’s bum though and if you watch this clip over and over again it actually takes on a quite…stimulating quality. ^^ I wonder if they got wind of Momo’s porno and it’s starting to give them ideas?

Why is Captain so happy?

Fireworks in the distance!

I guess during filming there is a lot of spare time between takes. It’s good to see the idols messing around with each other, looking at the sights and generally having fun when the opportunities arrive.

Whereas for the cameraman it’s obviously a very demanding job. 😛

Ah Nacky. The one idol who always catses my eye…I mean catches. >.>

At the beginning of the making-of there’s a photoshoot section.

It’s good to see H!P are doing their bit for recycling. I presume Risako’s dress did come from a 70’s pair of curtains?

I’m not quite sure what Maasa’s dress once was but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t something worn. Unless by a chair.

And they made Nacky’s hat out of a whicker basket. ><

But keep it simple and you can’t go wrong. It also helps that Maimi is one of the prettiest idols in H!P (and I’m talking top two here).

I actually think Risako’s hairstyle suits her. It’s just the colour is so…novelty wigesque.

Anyway I highly approve of the song and pv. I presume the single v is something that was available at the venue only. A pity as I’d love to have a physical copy. I got this copy from the tracker at H!O. If you want to see the pv there are plenty of uploads on Youtube. I even uploaded a version myself that shows that they are really singing in English. I don’t think people believe me though.



7 responses to “Cat’s Eye Seven Bear Cake One

  1. Looks like Captain is happy because of the fireworks? I somehow really like the colours in this setting, the night in the city and the bright colours. Nice screencaps. 🙂

    • So do I. And it’s nice to see a few of Berry and C-ute mixed together for it. It gives a chance for some members like Yurina, Captain and Mai to come to teh fore a bit.

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