Horse Legs 2 (and Other Legs 8) DIY♥

The pv for the leggy DIY♡’s single Forefore – Forest For Rest has been posted on Youtube and it’s lovely to watch. The song itself is good and catchy but this post is going to be about eye candy. So much eye candy that if you are diabetic it might be a good idea to look away now…

Good start. ^^

Still good. ♥♥

The great thing about this group is it has the best C-ute members, the best Berryz member, the best Momusu 10th gen member and a sexy horse. All look wonderful in the pv. Just check out Maimi…

Maimi just gets hotter and hotter. She really is one of the stars of H!P. Her personality is cool and fun, her looks beautiful and her performing always so reliable. She is the big sister of C-ute and the cool reliable big star of the (now ex) H!P kids. I guess people will point to Airi and Momo instead but to me Maimi stands out so much brighter. She’s the kind of person I’d love to hang around with. She’s just so cool and likeable and sporty and pretty and just…NNGPERFECT!

Miyabi is looking better than she has for a while too…

Okay sorry! Sorry! Just a joke. ^^ Anyway her hair suits her a lot more than in recent times…

Ah my lovely (horse). Good to see you looking hot again.

Meanwhile Haruna looks striking!

Those eyes! That mouth! Yummy!

I will come to Chissa and Nacky in a moment (and no not in that way you mucky pups).

First a river…

Apparently they were going to put Miyabi in that scene with Maimi at first. But they changed it to Chinami as it was a hot day and they were worried about Miyabi getting dehydrated with thirst. After all (drum roll please) you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. >.>   <.<

Quick I need a diversion! Okay how about some dancing in a field…

Then some Maimi tongue. ^^

Mmmmmm…Maimi! Well that’s this post diverted back to innuendo and general nomming. So…picnic time!

Hmm…that bit needed some food in mouth action. Maybe in slow motion. >.>

Anyway Chinami! Mmm…Chinny…

My darling, thigh love you. Thigh really do.

Oh wait yeah sorry. The rest of her…

Chinny is my favourite Berryz member. I think my Berryz favourites order is probably Chinny (big gap) then Batty, Shorty, Gee Gee, Lanky, Bored and Grumpy. It’s great to see Chinami chosen for this as I was disappointed she wasn’t in Cat’s Eye 7. Both that group and this have come out with a good song and pv. Both had Maimi and Nacky so I am very happy. 😀 It’s so good to see some shuffles and in the case of Cat’s Eye 7 an actual song and pv for a stage play. It’s great to see more of my favourite members. Life is good! ^^

So back to the point of this post. NOM! There. Oh yeah anyway the fifth and final member of this leggy idol supergroup is of course my number one in H!P Nacky! And she of course is looking as lovely as ever…

Watching the pv it struck me just how similar Nacky and Haruna are. Both have such big mouths to nom with.

I do so love a big lipped big gobbed idol. I wish they would nom me! ♥ ♥ XD

Anyway this pv is full of things I love. The outdoors, trees, picnics, a river, legs, pretty faces, legs, big lips, legs, big mouths, legs and also legs. I give it a very respectable 8 Morningtime NOMS out of ten. There’s not one bad idol in the group and the song is a good ‘un. The pv could have done with that slow motion food eating though. :p However it does have lots of legs! ^^


11 responses to “Horse Legs 2 (and Other Legs 8) DIY♥

  1. “I do so love a big lipped big gobbed idol. I wish they would nom me! ♥ ♥ XD” Hehe this is SO Morningtime. I love the PV too and pretty much for the same reasons as you. Except for the mouths. 😛 But really it’s one of the best PVs this year, if not the best.

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  3. We have very similar tastes!
    Chinami and Saki are our first in each group, you love Maimi, me too (and Haruna, right? ^ ^)
    Oh, and you also find that Saki and Haruna are similar (I also think that Chinami and Risa are very similar and not as physically)!
    I’m glad to find someone who has similar tastes to mine !! ^-^

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