C-ute Shin Seinaru Best Album 2012 pv’s review

C-ute’s new album has now been released and limited version A comes with pv’s to both the re-recorded songs (nine in all) plus a pv and live version of Kanashiki Heaven (the coupling track to Aitai Aitai Aitai na). So in time honoured Morningtime tradition it’s time to review the pv’s to see just how nommable Nacky is in each. First up MASSARA BLUE JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNSSSSSSSSSS

This is just a dance shot. I’m not massively into dance shots but seeing as in this case you get all the lovely thrusting action without any camera angle jumping around then just this once it’s acceptable. ^^ Musically this is one of C-ute’s classic songs and so improving on it would be hard. Therefore it’s no surprise that they didn’t. It’s fine but not as good as the original.

Next up Soku Dakishimete…

Again it’s a dance shot. This time though  there’s a nasty background to distract from the girls. The outfits are nice however. Unfortunately this is one of C-ute’s most boring singles and nothing can really save it from being skipped in future.

So far the pv’s have been dance shots and the songs nothing to get excited about. So onto the Nacky and Maimai duet that is Ookina Ai de Motenashite. Can this deliver the goods?

Oh my. Just…OH! This is perfection. The pv is just one camera angle again but this time rather than a dance shot you get the camera low down and Nacky and Mai at the front moving into camera, hiding underneath the camera and basically being all cute and happy and energetic and fun. Meanwhile the other three goof around in the background. Perfect C-ute in other words. Nacky is particularly adorable (yes I know I’m biased. It doesn’t make it not true though). Her expressions throughout this song are so cute and charming. This is a chance for Nacky to do a very happy and energetic song. Strangely not something she gets to do on her own or in a duo that often. This takes me back to the days of Disco Queen. Except this is the 18 year old Nacky and she is now REALLY cute! This song is perfect for her to have fun with. Add in to that the beautiful lolita maid dresses and this is pure win. Oh and the song itself is excellent. It suits Nacky and Mai’s voices so well and of course Nacky and Mai suit each other’s voices so well too. In short this is the best thing ever! Really! Just damn wonderful! 😀

So onwards…reluctantly (I mean can’t I just death loop that last pv for a few…weeks?) Next up is Wakkyanai (Z)…

At first I thought this was going to be another dance shot but then the camera angle changed. It is mostly a centre camera showing them dancing but there are plenty of camera angle changes showing them closer up from left and right in two’s and three’s and this really makes a huge difference to the pv. It adds so much energy and interest to it. The song deserves it too as it sounds really good with the 2012 C-ute voices. A deeper vocal sound to the original version adds a pleasing extra layer to the song. I really like the outfits too. The members in their member colour hoodies combined with the colourful background make this all in all a fun pv to watch. 🙂

So onto Sakura Chirari…

This pv is a dance shot in front of cherry blossom trees. Anyone who follows C-ute’s official channel on Youtube will probably have already seen it as it was uploaded earlier this year around the time that Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku was released. Indeed it features the members in the same outfits as in the pv for Jitensha. It’s nice enough to watch but dance shots aren’t really my thing. The song itself sounds much like the original to me. Except better sung. The members have improved over the years vocally as you’d expect.

So onto Tokaiko Junjou and this pv starts with Maimai having some kind of weird seizure while the others stand there just looking at her bum…

This is follwed by a dance shot pv (again).

It’s a kind of boring background but the members at least are looking good. In terms of the song Mai got Maimi’s spoken bits. I can understand them giving it to someone else. After all if you are going to do a new version why give it to the same person? However I’d have preferred someone less ducky sounding lke Chissa tgo get it. It’s not that I dislike Mai’s voice. It’s just I don’t think it sounded good here. Listening to it I got the urge to start chucking pieces of bread at the screen.

The seventh re-imagining is LALALA Shiawase no Uta. Now recorded as a Maimi and Chisato number…

Like Ookina Ai de Motenashite this is pure fun. It’s wonderful! This time the camera is on high and Maimi and Chissa stand on boxes when it’s time to sing. It sounds strange but works well. Meanwhile the others have goofing duties in the background. The outfits are colourful and pretty (the tops have been used before in the pv to Sekaiichi Happy Na Onna No Ko). The members all look so happy. The song sounds as catchy as ever. Life is good!

Up next is Namida no Iro…

For this pv they do a similar thing as with Wakkyanai (Z) and have different camera angles splitting up the general dance shot feel of the pv. This works well as it stops the pv from feeling too static and boring. The members look beautiful, the camera is close enough that you can see them well (the first two pv’s on the disc they are off in the middle distance which just seems like a waste) and as for the song? Well it’s been given a makeover and still sounds good. It sounds different as it should. Not as good musically as the original but the original was perfect. This nevertheless is interesting and fresh and enjoyable anyway. It will go alongside the original very nicely.

The last of the reimaginings means it’s time for an Airi solo. Nacky and Mai had a song together and then so did Maimi and Chisato so Airi gets her chance to shine and do it on her lonesome. However as the song is Edo no Temari Uta II it’s not a massively long song anyway…

I don’t talk about Airi often either here or on my Twitter account. However I do like her and in my mind there is no doubt whatsoever that with Ai-chan now graduated Airi has the best singing voice in the whole of Hello! Project. For this song she really is given the chance to shine and she takes it as expected. The musos have been brought in for this track and it sounds very different to the original version. In fact this is the biggest departure from the original of all the tracks here. The tune is the same but the pace and the instruments are totally different making this sound a lot more mature. Airi’s voice is perfect and the whole song is bliss. Alongside Ookina Ai de Motenashite this is my favourite re-recording on the album. The pv is a straightforward recording booth type thing. It concentrates on Airi at the microphone and will be well liked by her fans. The only negative I have to say about the whole package here is why that top? It looks like the kind of thing a granny gives someone on Christmas Day which then gets dutifully worn for the whole day until gran has gone only to then be discarded with the Christmas dinner leftovers. ><

And so with the rerecordings out the way it’s on to the two versions of Kanashiki Heaven…

Airi looks sexy as heck. She has always had a great stomach and hips and this outfit shows them off to the full along with her lovely legs.

Chisato meanwhile looks very nice indeed too. ^^

I really like the outfits for this. The picture quality of the pv is sometimes strangely grainy though. The pv is interspersed with live clips which I don’t quite see the point of as the same live version follows on from this. As for the live version personally I’m more taken with the backing dancing…

I need a lie down. ^^

So all in all this disc is a nice extra to have. The re-recordings are interesting to listen to and the chance to see the members in some new pv’s is never a bad thing. My three favourite pv’s and songs interestingly are the Nacky and Mai coupling of Ookina Ai de Motenashite, the Maimi and Chisato coupling of LALALA Shiawase no Uta and the Airi solo Edo no Temari Uta II. Which just goes to show that even when you split singing duties up C-ute are still fantastic. ^^ Well I knew that anyway! The album is C-ute heaven. You get the fun songs, the more mature pop songs and so much C-utie goodness you are left smiling for days. The perfect idol group have come out with the perfect way to reinvigorate older tracks. Wonderful!


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