Top Ten H!P Singles 2012 Poll Results (and My Top Ten)

With Christmas fast approaching (YAY!) I thought I should post the results of my top ten H!P singles of 2012 poll. And so here they are…

One・Two・Three / The Matenrou Show – Morning Musume 26.61% (33 votes)

Wakuteka Take a chance – Morning Musume 13.71% (17 votes)

Renai Hunter – Moring Musume 9.68% (12 votes)

Chou HAPPY SONG – Berryz Kobo×°C-ute 9.68% (12 votes)

Hatsukoi Cider / DEEP MIND – Buono 6.45% (8 votes)

WANT! – Berryz Kobo 5.65% (7 votes)

Aitai Aitai Aitai na – C-ute 4.03% (6 votes)

Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku – C-ute 3.23% (4 votes) cha cha SING – Berryz Kobo 3.23% (4 votes)

Suki yo, Junjou Hankouki – S/mileage 2.42% (3 votes)

Samui ne – S/mileage 2.42% (3 votes)

Cabbage Hakusho / Forest Time – Peaberry / Harvest 2.42% (3 votes)

Pyocopyoco Ultra – Morning Musume 1.61% (2 votes)

NEXT MY SELF – Mano Erina 1.61% (2 votes)

Choto Mate Kudasai – S/mileage 1.61% (2 votes)

Forefore ~Forest For Rest~ / Boys be ambitious! – DIY♡ / GREEN FIELDS 1.61% (2 votes)

Kanojo ni Naritai!!! – Hello! Pro Kenshuusei 2% (2 votes)

DokiDoki Baby / Tasogare Kousaten – Mano Erina 0.81% (1 votes)

Song for the DATE – Mano Erina 0.81% (1 votes)

Dot Bikini – S/mileage 0.81% (1 votes)

Be Genki <Naseba Naru! – Berryz Kobo 0% (0 votes)

CAT’S♥EYE – Cat’s Eye 7 0% (0 votes)

Total Votes: 125


And so once again Morning Musume emerge victorious. They have had a damn good year so there’s no surprise there. All three of their good singles made the top three even if Renai Hunter had to share third place with Berryz & C-ute’s Chou Happy Song. But what of my own personal top ten I don’t har you ask? Well no matter for I shall ignore your silence and tell you anyway…

10. Morning Musume – Renai Hunter

Niigaki’s last single was also the start of a new direction for Momusu. In fact you couldn’t get a single more different than their previous effort The Birdie Song. The new style proved a turning point in Momusu’s fortunes selling just under 50,000 copies. Momusu suddenly sounded up to date again and personally I think this was a welcome thing.

9. Mano Erina – Song for the Date

This song like most of Mano’s grew on me over time. Yet another really solid single from an idol I will miss come 2013. 😦 Mano is really underrated I think.

8. Cat’s Eye 7 – Cat’s Eye

What’s not to like about a unit that gives us more Nacky and Maimi? Also Captain rapping! It’s just a pity Chinami wasn’t there. Good song though. I mean I still like it even though I Peesubbed it and that normally ruins a song for me. ^^

7. Berryz Kobo – Cha Cha Sing

CHA CHA CHA CHA CHA CHARARA CHA CHA CHA CHA CHA! Berryz Kobo make a surprise visit to my top ten CHA CHA CHA CHA CHA!

Their best single since Dschingis Khan!

6. DIY – Forest For Rest/Green Fields – How Much is that Doggy in the Window

What’s not to like about a unit that gives us more Nacky and Maimi? Plus Chinami! And Haruna! Plus a horse with nice legs! Did I use “!” enough yet? Actually the answer to the what’s not to like question is the other A side featuring some idols who aren’t Nacky, Maimi, Chinami, Haruna or Geegee. Even so not even the return of the hound of the Baskervilles can ruin this release. DIY’s song is fantastic.

5. Momusu One Two Three/The Mantenrou Show

I, unlike most people, don’t actually like the second song here. However One Two Three is bloody fantastic. It totally deserved to break the 100,000 singles sold barrier and unlike with most H!P releases it actually got what it deserved. This is totally the right direction for the new Momusu. Great song, great pv and great sales. All hail the idol Queens! Morning Musume is not dead. It’s very much alive and being felt up by Sayumi. Err I mean…err…no wait that is what I meant. Sayu’s loli army will march on reinvigorated and secure in it’s future for a good few years yet to come.

4. C-ute – Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku

In 2012 C-ute suddenly went apeshit and started selling records like there’s no tomorrow (which contrary to what the Mayan prohecy nutters would have had you believe wasn’t actually true). In fact 2012 was an amazing year for C-ute even though they only had two singles all of their own. Those two singles sold more than double what they normally would expect to sell and they then finished the year by selling more than 22,000 copies of the 2 C-ute Shin Seinaru Best Album which by Hello! Project standards is a very much WTF figure. This single is the one that started it all. The song itself is a beautiful thing and the marketing seemed to step up a gear which helped sales. The inclusion of each member’s solo version was a masterstroke. It was the perfect single to do that with and if I may put a good word in for Nacky’s version may I just say ♥♥ Well okay not so much a word as an emotion but emotion is what music is all about. ^^

3. C-ute – Aitai Aitai Aitai Na

C-ute’s biggest selling single ever. Just under 50,000 copies sold and it didn’t need solo versions to help it. That taken with the sales of their best of album shows the success they had with Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku was no mere flash in the pan. This is a great song yet curiously it’s also very similar to a lot of their other recent singles like Kiss Me Aishiteru. So why they have suddenly started selling so many more copies I don’t know. Investment in good promotion finally maybe? Anyway this is a typical fantastic C-ute single (is there any other kind?) Five idols who have grown up together and who have become a tight-knit unit with no baggage and no waste. I find that I can still listen to almost any C-ute single without being bored of it. This song will continue to be played by me for several years to come just like most of their others. Oh and I have to say bonus points are awarded here for the guitars and the operatic bit in the middle! C-ute now have two singles that have sold more than the lowest selling Momusu single. Berryz have none. Just saying. :p

2. Morning Musume – Wakuteka Take a chance

Judging by the poll results this is most people’s second favourite Momusu single of the year but for me it’s their number one. This is just my cup of tea and obviously being an Englishman I take the subject of tea very seriously indeed. This song is bloody fantastic. It is it is it is! And it is! This is the kind of song I have been waiting for Momusu to do for ages. It’s like an orgasm for the ears and obviously being an Englishman I don’t usually like to talk about such things. Even so whenever I listen to this song I feel like I need to wipe my ears with a tissue afterwards. It’s that good! (It is it is it is! And it is!) Oh Sayu and your loli army you have made this wota ver happy this year. ♥

1. Berryz Kobo×°C-ute – Chou HAPPY SONG

No surprises to anyone who knows me well enough. This song is just lovely. It is itself pure happiness. Why? Because…happiness. >.> Well because it’s such a catchy, happy, upbeat song. I have enjoyed C-ute’s releases this year but they only had two singles and both of them somewhat more serious than, say, my favourite single of last year Momoiro Sparkling. So this release is extra enjoyable. Especially when you remember that originally the C-ute half of the song was a quiet ballad. Somehow adding the two tracks together equals a sum far more than it’s parts. The song simply explodes into life. Breathtaking genius from the Tsunkumaster. Also although my bias is very firmly C-ute there’s no denying that putting the two groups together creates a wonderful feeling of family reunited. Far better than their other collaboration from last year Amazuppai Haru ni Sakura Saku. Really when you put together 12 young women this song is exactly what you want. It’s fun, captivating, heartwarming and simply perfect. Easily my number one this year! It’s several of the finest teas imaginable combined with chocolate biscuits, cake and multiple orgasms. And being an Englishman they are all things I am rather interested in. ^^


11 responses to “Top Ten H!P Singles 2012 Poll Results (and My Top Ten)

  1. Hey Morningtime. I really like when you do a round-up like this. It gives me a chance to revisit some singles I may have over-listened and to check out some that didn’t really get my attention. Overall, quite a good year for H!P singles, I’d say.

    On a different topic, I thought of you the other day when I decided to watch “Minimoni the Movie: The Great Sweets Adventure” again for some reason. Ai-chan is totally adorable in that catburgler outfit.

      • Well, it’s pretty silly but mildly entertaining. It’s mostly animated so there’s only a couple minutes of live-action scenes with Ai-chan – it may not be worth your time. On the other hand, it’s only an hour long so it’s not like a huge waste of time.

  2. I’m surprised you liked Momusu so much this year! You didn’t really show it. I remember you only talking about the jyuukies growing on you. Or at least Harunan. By the way, I didn’t really like The Matenrou Show either.

    Out of the 8 singles I mentioned in my songs top 20 post, only 4 are here. My 9th and 10th place would probably go to Cat’s Eye and Be Genki Naseba Naru. Or maybe Aitai X3 na.

  3. Your list is much better but I just feel like WANT!, Kanashiki Heaven and One Two Three should have been higher in the poll results.

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