New Precious Things

I haven’t done a “GETS” post in ages so I thought it’s about time I did. Especially since I have received quite a few things in the past two weeks. I have been ordering from the Hello! Shop as well as getting a few pb’s and cd’s from the usual channels (CDJapan and YesAsia). Anyway first up some Nacky goodness!


I don’t know why exactly but I find those type of sailor hats on a woman extremely attractive. They suit Nacky. I like the other two pics too.  Nacky is so pretty. ^^ She has a solo dvd coming out in February apparently. I can’t wait! I hope there’s a photobook too!


I like the outfit in the top two pics. Mmm…skirt. I like her cat ears too. The other two pics are cute poses as you’d expect from someone as bloody adorable as Nacky.


My first ever four seasons card. It’s a Halloween one and came just after New Year. But still it’s lovely Nacky so who cares? Oh and ignore the blue tint on the left picture as it’s from my Christmas tree lights. ><


C-ute 2L Halloween set. XD Maimi’s pic is great just for the effort that went into it. Well that and the cute pose and beautiful idol.


Just some random Sayu L’s. Cute as only Sayu can be though.


A Haruna pin-up. My favourite tenthy by far. She’s just so…so…all eyes and gob. A bit like Nacky. ♥♥ I AM NOT WEIRD! >.>


Bought my first ever UTB as I was tempted by the Hello! Projectyness of the cover. Three H!P cards (and two fails as well), lots of nice pics inside. Good times. 🙂

I also bought two photobooks recently. First up Maimi…


Mmm…Maimi. She looks a bit miserable in the limited pic though. XD But the pb itself is full of very nice pics. Such as…

11 12 50 58 59 61 75

Maimi is as beautiful as ever. I particularly like this pic though…


Yes it’s the Fiat Maimi. This is THE car of 2013. A hatchback with plenty of room for an idol in the boot as well as space for one in the passenger seat. Just what every wota needs. Why not pop down to your local dealer and arrange a test drive today?

The second pb is my first ever one related to a Berryz member…


Excuse me while I fall just a little in love with Chinami. Bloody lovely pb!

chin Chin1 Chin2 Chin3 Chin4 Chin5

DOKI DOKI! Really Chinami is so lovely!


I got this Mano long poster thing. Quite nice. It was one of those random goods where you have to open the packet to see who you got. I like that kind of thing. I really wanted Nacky but Mano is perfectly fine too.


Talking of Mano I also just received her last single. I got the version that comes with the pv and making-of. There will be no single V so this version was a must-have for me. I like single V’s. In actual fact though this is even better as it’s basically a single V and cd all in one release. Plus it came with a nice free poster courtesy of CDJapan…

A-5OFH5CUAALQWA.jpg large

Finally a non-H!P purchase…


The second album from the lovely Sakura Gakuin (which includes the excellent BABYMETAL, Twinklestars and Sleepiece). This is a really good album. I got the version that comes with a dvd featuring a pv, a school test thing (think that old Momusu idiot test programme for a general idea) and more besides. I love this group. Marina, Hana and Suzuka are my favourites with little Yui not far behind. So I am quite happy with my Yui card that came with it. 🙂

By the way there’s a lot of subbed Sakura Gakuin clips on this Youtube page including things like their school test that I mentioned before. They did one in 2010 for their first album and one in 2011 for their second. Both have been subbed and are worth checking out!

So there you go. A lot of purchases but also a lot of enjoyment from me so it was worth going on this spending spree. ^^So it’s onwards into 2013 still loving the idols! 😀


6 responses to “New Precious Things

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  2. The pictures of Saki in the beginning are so cute! ^^ OMG is Chinami naked in that picture?! O__O Also how much did this all cost you?

    • Chinami’s is a lovely pb. Maimi’s is nice too. Nacky’s latest one is also lovely by the way.

      I would like to see some members get photobooks for the first time now. Eripon and Haruna especially.

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