Michishige Sayumi “Mille-Feuille” Photobook Previews

So that beautiful, cute, funny and endlessly entertaining superidol Michishige Sayumi has just released another photobook. While I wait for my copy to arrive I have been looking at some of the previews. Sayu ALWAYS does good photobooks and I’m sure this one will be no exception. Enjoy…

Sayu nommmmm Sayu Nommmmmmm Sayu Sayu1 Sayu2 Sayu3Sayu scan Sayuscan1 Sayuscan2

That backless dress…♥♥ But really all the pictures suggest this is going to be a Doki Doki photobook as always. I would suggest you buy a copy if you can. It is available from CDJapan. ^^

On a separate note it’s great to see Help Me!! doing so well this week. Sayu’s loli army has been selling really well with their recent singles and it looks like there’s a good chance we could have the first Momusu number one for several years. So far after five days of sales it’s been the daily number one three times and a number two once. On it’s first day it sold more than 20,000 more copies than the number two single did. In fact it sold 61,000 copies that day alone. It’s looking good for Momusu! 😀

Unconnected to Momusu can I just plug Nakajima Saki’s upcoming photobook and dvd? Well it’s my blog so yes I can. ^^ The photobook is called Naka-san and is out on 20th January. It’s already available to preorder from CDJapan. Her first solo dvd is then released a week later on 27th February and is also available to preorder. The front cover to the photobook has already been previewed and as expected it looks like it’s going to be another lovely Nacky pb…


My favourite two idols both having photobooks out in the first two months of 2013. It’s a good year so far!


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