Happy 19th Birthday 中島 早貴 (Nakajima Saki)

February 5th is Nacky’s 19th birthday. Happy birthday to Nacky! The cutest C-utie of all! Nacky also has her third solo pb released February 20th. Have you seen the limited Amazon cover yet? If not look below. Nacky is certainly looking all grown up. ♥♥


There is also the normal cover which is nice too…


Plus Nacky through the C-ute blog gave us the back cover…


Gorgeous pics right? I have ordered my copy already. It is available at CDJapan amongst other places. They also have her dvd available for preorder. It’s out February 27th. Plus on February 6th right smack between Nacky and Maimi/Maimai’s birthdays is the release of C-ute’s latest single Kono Machi. February is a great month to be a C-ute fan. Mind you every month is a great month to be a C-ute fan. ^^ I am looking forward to seeing how the single sells. Their last two singles sold really well as did their 2 C-ute Shin Seinaru Best Album. I hope the trend continues!

While I am here I might as well show you the Nacky/C-ute photos I recently received (plus the C-utie Circuit 2012 dvd).

gets1 Gets2 picsGets3 Gets4

I have recently become addicted to the random A4 pin-ups. The excitement of opening the envelope to see who you got is so much fun. The second envelope had Nacky’s pic in it. You can imagine my happiness. If you can’t just imagine a cat with a big saucer of cream next to a huge bowl full of fish. *purrrrrrrrrrr* The C-utie Circuit dvd is good but I miss the Airi, Chissa and Dj Maimai sketch. But at lease Nacky’s enka singer is still there. Oh and they all got a solo song but in some mix-up they gave Disco Queen to Maimai when everyone knows Nacky is the best dancer and so is automatically the Disco Queen. Silly mistake. Not as silly as Maimai’s mistake here though


>< At least it got corrected eventually. I bet there’s a market for the error one though. XD

Well I am off to celebrate Nacky’s birthday with some lemon cake. It’s my traditional way. Meanwile you should watch Nacky, Maimi and Maimai singing happy birthday to themselves. 😀


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