The A-Z of Hello! Project 2013

So where are we at? (Cue David Bowie being miserable). Shup up Bowie. I said SHUT UP! Sheesh. Can’t get rid of him these days. He never goes out. Just hangs around looking depressed.  Anyway where was I? Oh yes. So where are…err…I mean H!P 2013. What’s the situation? Well let me tell you through the power of the alphabet.

A. Airi.


The best singer in H!P. One of the most popular H!P members and with good reason. You might have your favourites and like me they may not include Airi but you can’t deny her talent or begrudge her her success and popularity. Well unless you’re a bit dim that is. And unreasonable. And deaf. And blind.

B. Bikinis!

bik bik1 bik2 bik3 bik4 bik5

There’s nothing like a good bikini to make you feel hot. ^^

C. C-ute

c-ute c-ute2 cute3c-ute C-ute1

The best group in H!P. The best performers, closest-knit members (they are like sisters), best dancer (Nacky), best singer (Airi), coolest and most athletic idol (Maimi), best albums of last year (Dainana Shou “Utsukushikutte Gomen ne” and 2 °C-ute Shin Seinaru Best Album) and they have the best photoshoots. They always look like they are having so much fun in them. So just…the best. Oh I quite like them by the way. Yes I know. I hide it well.

D. Delinquent.


Err…Reina…what were you doing in a school at midnight?

Probably got bored of hanging around outside the conbini store…

E. Eripon!

eri1 eri2

Cute, funny, ky. I’m jelly…of anyone who has met her. >.> The best kyuukie!



F. Forest for legs.

diy diy1 diy2

“Forest for legs. Forest for legs. Forest for legs. Oh! Oh oh oh beautiful legs”. Best shuffle-type unit of all. Best two C-ute members, best Berryz member, best tenth gen member and a lovely horse.

G. Graduation.

Mano Reina

Or maybe goodbye? But I doubt it as I’m sure we’ll see plenty more of Mano probably as an actress and we’ll definitely see more of Reina through her untypable new group Lovendor or whatever the name is. With a backwards R. Grr. Anyway that group could be brilliant.


Anyway 2013 will see two great H!P members move on. They will both find further success though I’m sure.

H. Haruna.

haru Haru1 Haru2 Haru3

The best tenth gen meber. Haruna is getting to appear on plenty of programmes as one of the Momus members of choice. Generally Sayu and/or Reina will be there possibly with the new member Sakura and one or two others but Haruna seems a constant on tv shows when some of Momusu are required. And she never fails to make a good impression. Funny, pretty and unique her star is on the rise. Anyone who got to meet her in Paris earlier this year along with Sayu, Reina and co is a very lucky person indeed.

I. Ichiban kawaii.

aewen6369 aewen6388 aewen6394  aewen6397 michi michi1 michi2

Yes it’s still Michiban Kawaii. >< But it’s still Sigh…Yummy too! Beautiful, kind, funny, sweet, a great leader and a loli lover. Err…yep Michishige Sayumi is still the best at being an idol. She is perfect!

J. Jealous.


Lucky lucky lucky lucky ladies. I hear C-ute are getting a lot of new fans and plenty of them female too. Good times. 🙂 But yes I’m jealous. Jealous of those who can meet their favourite idols. But happy for them too and I have had the opportunity myself with Momusu in Paris back in 2010. There is nothing that beats the feeling of meeting an idol you like. ^^

K. Kyuukies.

ninth ninth1 ninth3 ninth4

The ninth gen have really helped freshen up Momusu and H!P in general. They bring so much vitality and fun. Love them! It’s only right.



Leave them alone Kyuukie Monster. They’re mine!

L. Legs.

Chin2 Chin1

I could have posted pics of other idols but come on…Chinami is just lovely. But it’s not just her long slender legs. It’s her everything. Her sleepiness. Her humour. Her smile. Her ability to make even Berryz Koubou somehow watchable. The girl is as captivating as most other Berryz members are boring. But also those legs. They are like works of art. ^^

M. Mmm…Maimi!

mmm mmm1 mmm2 mmm3 mmm4

Maimi gives off such cool, fun, big sister, best friend-type vibes. Wouldn’t you just love to hang around with her?

N. Nacky.

nacky1 nacky2 nacky3 nacky4 nacky5 nacky6

Ah Nakajima Saki. My favourite idol. What can I say that I haven’t said many times on this blog before? Nothing much. Hope you enjoyed the pics then. 😀

O. Onwards.


Sales of Morning Musume and C-ute singles have improved in recent times. Indeed 2000 people turned up for a C-ute handshake session last week. Hello! Project is now 15 but the future looks bright. The new Momusu members seem popular with young girls. There’s also plenty of tv appearances for H!P members. Everything looks positive to me. Onwards H!P. Onwards! Onwards to 30! 😛

P. Pointless: Definition of S/mileage post-Yuuka.


Q. Quack.

q q1 q2 q3

R. Ribs: Something that some fans think a lot of Momusu members have bruised due to that other R…Riho.

“Out the way I’m centre!”



But you know, someone talented and popular will always be pushed to the centre. It’s inevitable and not really too bad a thing. Although it would be nice if the other members got a few more lines too.

S. Sales. They are going up. 🙂

T. Tanabe.

Tanabe tanabe1 tanabe2 Tanabe3 Tanabe4 Tanabe5

Can someone please remind Tsunku that this adorable little urchin is still around and in need of a good home? Twelfth gen Momusu maybe?

U. Underrated.

 friendsmoremore fbest 

Mano Erina’s albums. Far too overlooked and underrated. Such a shame. They are excellent!

V. Vampyre. “Listen. The children of the night make their music.”


W. WIN! Definition of Momusu’s recent singles.

one wakhelp

X. X-rated.


My thoughts just occasionally because of Sayu. I am only human. And she is a goddess. A very sexy one. ♥♥

Y. Youth.

y1 y2

Idols are the fountain of youth. They make you feel young. H!P is the water in the fountain. Feel it’s refreshing qualities. 🙂

Z. Zukki. Zukki begins with Z. Thank the Goddess Ai-chan.

Zukki zukki1

She’s the second best kyuukie member you know. So funny!

And there you have it. Your handy cut-out-and-keep* guide to Hello! Project 2013. I hope you enjoyed it.

* It may damage your computer screen though.


5 responses to “The A-Z of Hello! Project 2013

  1. Thank you for posting my thoughts again. This is my H!P in 2013 as well, with changes so tiny they’re not worth mentioning, really. Reading this post, I felt like these are exactly the reasons as to why I want to follow and support and love Hello! Project in 2013 as well. After the quack though, I was slightly surprised w wasn’t for woof. XD Meimi has taken Aika’s place now? Oh and I loved how the featured picture is of Airi’s stomach. XD I love your blog! The only blogs where I never miss a post are this one and Sayu’s blog.

  2. A nice A-Z. I would have thought you would have put Ai Takahashi as A to be honest. Then I realised this is about 2013 H!P! Is the T girl going to be in a new girl?

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