Nakajima Saki Naka-san photobook previews

So some previews of Nacky’s latest photobook have been appearing on the net. I am waiting for my copy to arrive and I have to say that having seen these I can’t wait. Yes I am biased but even so…WOAH! Enjoy…


This photobook is not for the faint of heart. Morningtime accepts no liability for any damage caused by any person or persons continuing to scroll down.

Nacky woah

Nacky looks a bit like Maimi in this pic.

Nacky bik1Nackybum

“Oops. Sand.”

 NAcky steps

“And WHAT are YOU looking at?”

Lucky couch

Lucky lucky lucky lucky couch. >< Lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky…

*and breath*

I’m okay. I’m okay. I just went a bit pale.

Nacky bowl

Nacky always bowls me over. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! Ahem. >.>

Nacky dress

Hmm…there’s some kind of theme emerging. I don’t know what it is but I’m determined to get to the bottom of it.

Nacky bik    

Such a cute expression. ♥


I don’t know about you butt I’m sure there ass some sort of underlying theme here. 


Ah those lips, those eyes, my heart. ♥

Nacky ohBumAnd so there we have it. We are now at the bottom of the post. But looking at Nacky always makes my spirits rear up. I think looking at Nacky even beats an evening in Northern Ireland taking in the Derry air.

Nacky has grown up to be such a beautiful, confident young woman. Somehow watching her mature from this shy, quiet little princess into a beautiful more secure young Queen makes me feel so happy for her. Almost proud. I wonder if that makes sense?

Anyway this is looking to be a great pb. I still haven’t quite managed to grassp the theme though. But then I always am a little behind with such things.


Edit: More photos…

Breakfast img20130223062325015 img20130223062328988oh img20130223062335608 img20130223062344199  sexy young


8 responses to “Nakajima Saki Naka-san photobook previews

  1. Subtly sensual~ I’ve always paired that description with Nakajima anyway. She’ll be a badass sexpot in the future ❤

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