Another Picspam/Captions Post

Yes I decided it’s about time I did another picspam/captions post.


Err…Yajima…I know Nanami is cute but that’s probably Sayu’s job.


AhSayu isn’t around. She’s all mine!


Wait! I think I heard Sayu come back.

Hmm…Nacky what are you implying? That’s not a question. It’s more of an accusation.


I’m getting worried about Momusu…


I’m also getting worried that Reina is becoming just a bit too yankii. Just who is she hanging around with?


Mind you same question and some of the younger ones answers are a bit…creepy…


Haruna sounds scary. “Then I’d set fire to it’s still living body and laugh. AHAHAHAHAHAAAA!” Mind you Kanon’s “go bye bye” sounds a bit like “I’d capture it tenderly, stroke it lovingly, tell it a bedtime story, wrap it up snug and warm, lull it into a false sense of security and then beat it to death once we’re outside”.

Momo’s batshit insanity gets just that bit more batshit insane…


“You love me don’t you? Tell me you love me. I don’t want to have to tighten the restraints or  get the sledgehammer out again”.

As the full moon rises one H!P member starts to feel it’s affects…


I guess now that Mano has graduated Mitsui is the only H!P member not in a group. She’s basically a lone (were)wolf. >.>

“Hahaha! Look at the stupid hair”…


…Says the alpaca on the right to the one on the left. >.>

Mind you Momo is always giving people the hump…


As Mano’s ghraduation approached some fans just didn’t want to let her go…


A new AKB range of dolls has been announced! I’m liking the first one to be released…


Something tells me not to mess with Sayu…


It’s the way she bites the end off and smiles. “Yeah I can put it in. I can bite it off too. I enjoy both. I’m in charge. Don’t mess with me. Ehe.” It’s kind of sexy. ^^

Meanwhile super cute Sakura Gakuin sub-unit sleepiece have a question…


Err…good question. Hmm


Possibly not.


It’s a tough call. I just…I just don’t know. I was thinking doves but now you’ve thrown me.

What I do know though is Horiuchi Marina (the idol in the screencap above) is pretty much the cutest idol outside of H!P there is. If she was in H!P she’d be at the top there too. I haven’t wanted to adopt someone so badly since Nacky was a young teen. 🙂

And that’s it. Just another silly round-up of nonsense. But really…check out Sakura Gakuin. They are great!

Oh wait! This just in…




Ah! So we were all wrong. Who knew?


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