New additions to my collection

I have just come back from a wonderful week at my waifu’s in Helsinki. Everytime I’m on a plane and I see the  air stewardess doing the emergency exit signals I imagine a plane ful of wota wotageing along. But I digress.  On arriving back home quite a few packages had arrived so it’s GETS post time!


First up is Nacky’s lovely Nakasan photobook. I have already shown plenty of previews before on this blog so you should already know it’s great. ^^ I got the Wanibooks addition which came with an L sized photo. The photo is in a pic below.


I also got Nacky’s Valentines four seasons card and an L sized photo. Sweet Valentine.


A clear file and L sized photo. I have never bought a clear file before so it was abit random I guess. It’s cute though (or should that be C-ute? >.>) Anyway I always like to support Nacky.


I honestly don’t remember who I bought these pics off. >< Bad Morningtime!


This is THE C-ute dvd magazine to own. It’s the one that features them in pyjamas having a pillow fight. 😀 Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Oh and playing tennis too if I remember rightly.


The Wanibooks Nakasan L size photo is on the left. Nice isn’t it? I couldn’t resist buying these two Nanami pics when I saw them. Aww Nanami…why aren’t you in a unit yet?


Finally the wonderful Sakura Gakuin’s latest single My Graduation Toss. It came with a dvd of the pv. It’s a good song and was weekly number 13 on the Oricon chart. It was also Nakamoto Suzuka’s final single with them although at least Babymetal will continue with her as an “extra-curricular” activity. A stroke of genius that phrase. I still need to order their new album. It’s releasedin two days time (13th March 2013). I will order it today. I just can’t decide which version to get yet. ><

Anyway this was just another random gets post. Hope you enjoyed.


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