Hello! Project ranking 2013

Well I do love a good rank. >.> So here is my 2013 take on the great and the good and the frankly not quite so good of H!P. However this does not include Juice=Juice at the moment as other than Karin I have no clue whatsoever who any of them are. A bit like second gen S/mileage then.

So in reverse order (just for a change)…

28. Tamura Meimi.


I’m sorry she just makes me shudder. The fangs don’t help although that doesn’t put me off with any other idols. I think it’s the fangs with those eyebrows. Like some cross between Dracula and the Wolfman. Her personality is a bit too…fingernails on a blackboard too.


Nakanishi Kana.

Katsuta Rina.

I can’t split them. I can’t remember what they even look like unless I am searching for them specifically on the H!O picboard and that’s something I would only do now.  Actually wait…no…not even now.


25. Oda Sakura.


She is low down as I have no idea yet who she is. She is just too new. >< But she seems to have a good voice. Oda seems a positive addition to Momusu. 🙂


Kumai Yurina.


Sugaya Risako.


Sudou Maasa.


Sato Masaki.


What to say about Yurina? Well she’s tall. Err…that’s about it. The only fact known about her. As for Risako well she can be pretty sometimes and just every now and then she seems appealing. I like her in the Chou happy Song pv where she actually seems not bored for a change. To be honest though mostly she seems hardly bothered. I don’t find it that appealing. As for Maasa…I get a similar vibe. She seems…boring? As for Masaki I guess she just isn’t noticeable at all for me. I think it is obvious to anyone who reads this blog that I am a big fan of C-ute and Momusu and not much of a fan of Berryz Kobo so to put a Momusu member so low down and in equal place with three Berryz members says a lot. Who is she? What does she want? What does she do? Who is she? Who is she? No but WHO IS SHE?

20. Kudou Haruka.


Haruka has an interesting voice and adds something a bit different to Momusu so I’m glad she’s there. I don’t actually have a lot to say about her otherwise though. She is good for the team but individually I don’t find any reason to pay her any attention.

I managed to mention Haruka without once mentioning her boyishness. Yay for me! Oh…wait…damn!

19. Fukuda Kanon.


I will not be watching the Cinderella revolution. Fukuda is another idol I just don’t find appealing.

18. Tsugunaga Momoko.


Okay this took a bit of thinking about. One thing you can’t accuse Momo of being is boring. For a Berryz member that’s quite an achievement. She is humorous and entertaining. But recently her act is wearing thinner than a thread of cotton. It’s becoming a bit like a comedian who only has one joke. The repetition is starting to grate. Momo needs to have some progression in her idol personality. Sayumi also comes with a preconceived idea of what she will be like. She will claim to be the cutest for sure. But Sayu also has lots more to her personality and appears to be a real person. Albeit it one who is magnifying certain things for entertainment purposes. Momo sadly is becoming just a one note caricature. It’s a shame. But to any of her fans I say “yurushite nyan” and then do an annoying pose. >.>

17. Takeuchi Akari.


Akari has a really competitive type of nature that is quite likeable. She certainly has a lot of  athleticism even if she doesn’t look like she does. I suppose it runs in the Yajima family (she is Yajima Maimi’s cousin). Akari has a very different type of look and personality to most idols. Sort of a bit like crossing Haruka with Chisato. I like this because I feel there should be idols for all types of people. Akari doesn’t immediately seem like the type of person to be an idol. I think that actually makes her a really good, positive role model for other girls as it shows anyone can be an idol if they want to be and they go for it. Anything is possible. She is tenacious. Good for her!

16. Hagiwara Mai.


Poor Kif. Lowest of the C-uties. She’s okay though. I mean C-ute are like a group of five sisters. It wouldn’t seem the same now without her. She is the err…duckling of the group. The kid sister. Little Maimai!

15. Natsuyaki Miyabi.


Miyabi has done well so far to avoid ending up in a meat pie here in the UK. I thought she’d be in danger going to France. Who knew? The UK is far more dangerous for horses. Anyway Miyabi is a member of Buono. That makes her automatically great (Momoko is an exception. Buono would work equally well as a Miyabi/Airi duo). The leggy filly suits the rock look. Watching live Buono performances it seems like it is something Miyabi is more suited to than the usual poppy idol music. Sort of like a lower key Reina.

14. Sayashi Riho.


During the ninth gen auditions Riho was my favourite followed by Suzuki Kanon. I am not sure why Riho is therefore bottom of the ninth gen pile. She is a good singer and dancer but in terms of my liking an idol I go for personality. Riho’s still doesn’t really come through for me. I certainly don’t mind her being in Momusu though. Her talent is being well used.

13. Ishida Ayumi.


To be fair only one tenth gen member has really caught my eye so far. So for those tenth genners not called Iikubo Haruna their positioning is still low down. There is something about the cut of Ayumi’s gib that I like though. She is slowly starting to get my attention a little bit. Could be one to watch!

12. Wada Ayaka.


Wada is some way below where Yuuka would be if she was still in S/mileage. But Wada has the distinction of being top of my S/mileage ranking. Wada is pretty, happy and friendly and a bit lacking. Contradiction in terms maybe but when I think of her that’s what comes to mind. She is lacking in Morningtime star quality. Likeable though. Sort of like a journeyidol.

11. Okai Chisato.


Chissa is a bit of a tomboy. Tenacious, competitive and not quite as good looking as most other idols (to me). Likeable though and like with Akari the fact that she isn’t a typical idol type appeals to me. A good role model for girls who themselves aren’t typical idol types. To be honest though she is the second best Okai. Asuna is the best! I miss her. She was one of my absolute favourite Eggs. ><

10. Shimizu Saki.


Captain is just really…huggable. She is like small and nice and reliable and just likeable. I don’t buy her items or even follow her that much but when I hink of her I get a warm feeling in my heart. Like “aww…Captain!”

9. Fukumura Mizuki.


A big H!P fan who became a Momusu member. Don’t you love it when that happens? Mizuki always looks like she is loving every minute of it and that vibe makes her easy to like. A probable future Momusu leader too. Hopefully not too soon though. I want Sayu to stay a bit longer yet. But when the time comes Momusu will be led by an attractive idol fan who loves the group. As indeed they are now too.

8. Suzuki Airi.


It’s a shame Airi can’t sing or else she’d have a great career in H!P. She’d be the centre of C-ute and would probably be in lots of other groups too. If she was prettier or cuter she’d probably be a really popular idol for magazine photoshoots and the like. If she had some kind of humorous and lively personality she’d also be great on tv shows. Sadly she has none of those things and so she…oh wait…no sorry she has all of those things. 😛

7. Suzuki Kanon.


My second favourite during the ninth gen auditions and my second favourite of the ninth genners now. Kanon is so funny and has such a great personality. She is one of those idols that just oozes charisma. She is adorable! I wish she could be used more somehow. If  Hello! Morning was still being made she’d have so much exposure in it.

6. Tokunaga Chinami.


Other than her deliciously fine legs Chinami is also very sleepy. Ah perfect for me. XD But really she is so charming and funny and good looking. What’s not to like? I’d have loved her to be in C-ute. I can’t think of a bigger compliment than that!

5. Iikubo Haruna.


Hello Honey. Mmm…I like honey. So sweet and tasty. ^^So good for you too. Just like the best idols. Just like Haruna!

4. Ikuta Erina.


Eripon is yet another top ten ranking ninth gen member. She is ky and I am jelly. >< The best idols make you laugh, make you go “aww”, make you go “HNNNNNG“, make you feel alive and make you feel quite exquisitely happy. Eripon gives me a lovely mixture of those feelings for she is great!

3. Yajima Maimi.


Maimi is the perfect big sister for the other C-ute members. Athletic, pretty, laid back, cool, sometimes ditsy, very physically appealing in both looks and ability (ability in everything). Maimi gives off the kind of vibe that makes you feel she’d be really cool to hang out with. You would also definitely be sweet on her. To put it in simple terms Masimi is beautiful.

2. Michishige Sayumi.


Sayu is the cutest, funniest and most entertaining Momusu member. She loves Momusu, loves idols, is a great leader and is full of playful humour while also being full of caring for others. Sayu is an outstanding idol. Sexy, pretty, flirty, funny, caring, loving and cute. Her voice might not be the best but it does add a different dimension to a group. Overall There is nothing negative I could say about her. She is as close to perfection as it’s possible to get unless your name is Takahashi Ai.

1. Nakajima Saki.


Shy awkward young Nacky has grown up before our eyes and become a pretty, confident, sexy, cute and frankly lovely young woman. Watching that transformation has been a wonderful thing. I feel so proud for her. I make no secret of the fact that when I was younger I was shy and awkward too. Maybe to a degree I still am. That made me tune in to Nacky several years ago. I have supported her since and I am so happy at how she has grown. I admit too that in looks Nacky has the kind of face I really like. So cute. So lippy. ^^ Also her voice is adorable as well. I love listening to her radio shows. Nacky is just someone who melts my heart. It’s kind of impossible to fully explain that kind of feeling. I support her thoroughly and love seeing her perform. Nacky is like the embodiment of C-ute. C-ute are like the perfect idol group. Nacky is therefore a very worthy number one. ♥

One quick mention though for a few non-H!P idols. Sakura Gakuin are a wonderful group. I would like to mention the lovely, cute, funny and utterly charming Horiuchi Marina, the lovely, pretty and adorable Nacky-alike Taguchi Hana and Babymetal’s excellent leader Nakamoto Suzuka. All three are worthy of support and all three would easily make my top 15 idols.

marinahan  su


10 responses to “Hello! Project ranking 2013

  1. I thought of doing a ranking post of my own, but… maybe I won’t do it right now. Anyway I thought about it (before seeing this post) and it would be so similar to yours again. The biggest difference is, I would rank Mai, Airi and Riho higher, Captain and Takechan lower. Maimi, Chinami and Haruna a little lower as well although especially Maimi might still stay in my top 10. And well… everyone knows who is my number one. ^^ Oh and yay for Marina! She’s adorable.

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  3. Both Saki’s, Mizuki, Chinami and Haruna in your Top 10? Love it 😀 A very nice list and lovely pictures you used

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