I am 5

Happy birthday to this blog. Happy birthday to this blog. Happy birthday dear Morningtime, happy birthday to this blog.

Five years ‘eh? Where does the time go? Well it’s been quite a journey. One that may be coming to an end soon. I don’t have much space left to upload pics unless I pay for extra space and to be honest I’d rather spend the money on idols than on writing about them. You see I am a philanthropic type of person and like to donate my money to young people. Young people in Japan. Young people in Japanese idol agencies. >.>

But yes five years ago on April Fool’s Day I started this blog and I can’t think of a better day to have started it. When you consider the sheer amount of gibberish I’ve posted over that five years I’m not sure who the fool is. Me for writing such stuff…or you for reading it? :p

Anyway today is also the final day of the Zombie Jesus long weekend and I hope you are all enjoying/enjoyed your chocolate bunnies and eggs? I have a Galaxy egg to eat. Galaxy chocolate is delicious. It’s called Dove in Finland. Random fact. ^^ I also have a Fazer Mignon egg. It’s a traditional Finnish easter egg. It has a chocolate egg inside a real eggshell. Kind of weird and cool. They make a little hole in the top of the egg, pour the egg out and then fill it with chocolate. You crazy Finns. 🙂 But I digress. It’s idols you want and so idols you shall get. Maimi and Airi have recently done a magazine photoshoot together so I’d like to show you a few pics…

Hnng2Hnng5hnng hnng1  hnng3

Rather damn sexy I’d say. Maimi is also the featured idol in March’s digital photobook. Here is a small selection of pics from that…

021 022 007 024 025002

Maimi is one of the most beautiful idols around. I probably don’t mention her nearly enough what with my love for Nacky and Sayu but she is a big star in H!P to me.

Onwards to more randomness and I would like to show you my favourite recent purchase. It’s a Nacky costume card. It comes with a photo and an actual piece of cloth from an item of clothing Nacky herself has worn. Behold it’s awesomeness…


Ah I love it. Nacky wore that cloth you know. It touched her skin and everything. Kneel down and worship THE SACRED CLOTH!

I also recently bought four A4 pin-ups from Up-Front Online. I love them because you don’t know who you will get until you open the envelope. I bought two a while ago from a C-ute tour and got a Nacky one (and an Airi one I gave to my waifu). This time they were from a H!P tour so it could have been any of H!P. The second one I opened was…


Result! 😀 The other three were Berryz members. Two of which I’ve sold already. xD

More pics and here are two lovely pics of the Kyuukies…

ky cookiesa

The Kyuukie Monster approves. Omnomnomnom.

I don’t want to ignore the tenth gen though so here is a nice Haruna pic…


Haruna is such a great idol she coud be in the ninth gen. Yes she’s that good!

Now to share my favourite moment from the pv to Sakura Gakuin’s Song for Smiling (which was the coupling track to Wonderful Journey)…




*When head turns quickly move other hand into position*


*Withdraw hand*


*Laugh while other person thinks “huh?”*



Uh-oh she’s back…


She’ll probably say the Fox God made her do it.

Back to H!P and here are two pics that prove Sayu is yummy no matter what colour her hair…

Purple purple1

Well that’s the end of this random blog post. All that remains is for me to post a picture of Takahashi Ai. Why? Because Ai is my number one idol ever. So what better way to end a fifth birthday post than with a pic of her?


Oh don’t look so surprised. You know how I feel. In fact quite frankly I’d let Sayu be the bridesmaid…


Or maybe I’ll become a mormon and just marry them both. O-o ^^

And on that bombshell here’s to another five…well okay maybe not. >.>


7 responses to “I am 5

  1. Happy birthday Morningtime! Nice post full of lovely idols. 🙂 I do hope to see more like this! I’d never realised that WordPress could put an end to your blogging one day.

    • Thank you. 🙂

      Ah who needs sanity anyway? Sanity is overrated. Insanity is more fun. I mean you never hear people saying “we had a great time. It was sane” do you? XD

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