2013 is C-ute’s year!

So in case you haven’t heard (and if you haven’t where have you been?) C-ute will be performing in Paris on July 5th and at Budoukan on 10th September. I am really happy for them to be finally realising their dream of performing at Budoukan. It is something they have spoken of a lot in recent times. I’m also ecstatic that they will be going to Paris on July 5th. I will be doing my best to be there. If you want to watch the stream of their promotional appearance in which the lives were announced it is up on Youtube. and well worth watching. Tsunku knows how to build the tension!

There is also a translation of the announcement here.

So who is going to Paris? I will be. It is the Friday of Japan Expo (the Expo is Thursday to Sunday) yet the venue would suggest it is nothing to do with the Expo. However I hope C-ute can do a handshake event or signing session somewhere regardless. I would love to meet them and I know I am not alone. Anyway even if the concert is not part of the Expo there is nothing to say they couldn’t be appearing there too. So we should keep hoping that  either way we will get something extra. If not I am still more than happy at them performing in Europe. And when I say more than happy I really do mean I have been jumping around with excitement all day (well at least in my mind I have been). ^^

The other great C-ute news today was that their new single Crazy Kanzen na Otona entered the daily chart at number three. It’s sales were 32,852. That is a really good first day result for C-ute. The icing on a very special cake. 🙂

By the way ex-member Umeda Erika has made a post on Twitter congratulating them on their Budoukan date. It’s nice to see Erika is happy for them. 🙂

Anyway recent singles have been selling well and their fanbase is growing. This feels like it really will be C-ute’s best year ever. They deserve it. They are fantastic idols with great personalities, they are close-knit like sisters, they are great performing live and they have great songs. Plus they are damn pretty too! What more could you want? It seems like their hard work is really starting to pay off now. Congratulations C-ute! I’ll see you in Paris! 😀



7 responses to “2013 is C-ute’s year!

  1. Reblogged this on Hanakotoba! and commented:
    I’ve always wondered, what is this reblog option I see whenever I read posts on my phone. And what could be a better way to test it that reblog this wonderfully happy post from Morningtime? I agree on it 100%, C-ute are wonderful and they deserve every bit of success they have. I’m so happy for them. So… Let’s see how this works! ^^

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  3. I wish one day a H!P artist would come to the UK but I can’t really complain. I could make the effort to go to Paris but sadly, I don’t have the money 😦 Glad for C-ute though! They’ve done so well. UFP is making fans really happy!

    • Yeah money is an issue for a lot of people. It’s a shame. But at least H!P are noticing fans in Europe. Who knows maybe one day we will see a H!P group in the UK. We did get Hangry & ANgry onece so it’s not impossible.

      • I’m still pissed about that because I didn’t know any UK J-Pop fans at the time who could tell me about that ;__;

  4. So lucky you guys get to see them!! Never been more happier for C-ute,… Budokan concert will be amazing.

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