My lovely Twitter daughter…

Time for a very brief post. Mainly being made because my lovely Twitter daughter Maya made this from my board game.


I love it. ^^ The layout, the H!P logos in the background, everything. Clever Maya! 😀

While I’m posting I’ll just leave this here…



Here is a picture of Meimi meeting Hello Kitty…


Oh dear. R.I.P. Goodbye Kitty.

Sakura Gakuin have two really cute members called Marina and Hana. They are in the middle here. But on the left is their less cute member Mini-Mitsui. Her name is Ooga Saki and the dark side of the Woof is strong in her…


Recently I bought some collection photos and A4 pin-ups from Up-Front Online through using a Facebook group. They came opened. I was not amused…


The collection photos were Risako, Captain and Tall…sorry I mean Yurina. The person who opened them just gave stupid reasons so I certainly won’t be using her again. I guess I didn’t get hany joy from this. Grrr.

Sayu has some thoughts for Tsunku…

1 2

Uh-huh. >.>

Come to the dark side Luke…I mean Ogre…I mean Ooga…


A lot of people seem to really like Juice=Juice. They seem promising to me. You know what would have made them great though? Yes it’s…


Nana nana nana nana nana nana nana nana Nanami!

Now for the “Most Inappropriate Subtitle of the Year Award”. And the winner is…


A worthy winner I’m sure you’ll agree. And if you don’t agree well it’s still a worthy winner anyway. :p

But Meimi got further success in the “Truest Truth Told Award”…



Haruna is being stalked by a famous internet meme…


OMG! Why is “he” there? someone hasn’t told him Haruna is 18 now…

Haruna has obviously learnt from that last picture though. Now she tries to look older by wearing shoes that add a foot to her height…


Just as well when hanging around with Sayu.

Oh and finally. Sayu has been spotted attempting to get in to see the auditionees for Momusu’s 12th gen…


Oh Sayu!


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