C-ute in Paris

As I write this I’m sitting in a hotel room in Paris and using my phone so I apologise for any spelling mistakes and the lack of visuals.

Okay so Thursday C-ute had a conference thing at Japan Expo. It was good to see them and at the end they came to the front if the stage and had all the fans crowd around them for press photos. When they stood up Nacky waved at me. Like cupid’s arrow. BAM!
On Friday my girlfriend and I joined the queue for the concert at around noon. Some people had queued all night. Despite queuing for several hours it was fun if a bit tiring. Everyone is so happy, so many people are dressed for the occasion in various C-ute outfits and it gave me the chance to meet some old acquaintances as well as meet some people in “real life” for the first time having only spoken on the Internet previously.
Once the doors opened we took our position and waited for the concert to start. Everyone is so pumped up for a C-ute gig. Everyone wants to have a good time. Idol gigs are something special.
The concert began and my God…or rather Maimi Goddess it was good. It was a proper length concert too. Not like with Momusu in 2010 with the whole pointless Yukon thing. No we got a proper concert with a Nacky and Mai duet and a Maimi, Airi Chissa number too. We got so many good songs and not just singles. They did earlier singles like Massara Blue Jeans, Ooki ni Ai de Motenashite and Tokkaiko Junjou alongside more recent singles like Kanashiki Amefuri, Adam to Eve no Dilemma and Crazy Kanzen na Otona. Plus other singles like Shock (which surprised me – no pun intended), Everyday Zekkouchou!!, Kiss Me Aishiteru, Sekaiichi Happy na Onna no Ko and during the encore Dance de Bakoon. But they also did Disco Queen, Jump and many other crowd favourites. There were lots of costume changes and the whole thing was just superb. During one point they also brought Chobineko up onto the stage to thank her for the effort she had made in organising a petition to bring C-ute to France. All five members hugged her. I doubt there was a single person in the audience not just a little bit jealous. But it was a really touching moment and really nice.
The concert was great. By sheer chance an hour of so later my girlfriend and I found ourselves wandering past the concert venue and there were still people there. The staff van was waiting outside and people were waiting to see C-ute leave. We hung around and after a while they came out…from a different exit a little further away. We ran around the van and stood at the back. Hardly anybody else stood there and the members walked past us within touching distance. All smiled and waved and Goddess it was amazing.
Later a lot of fans had decided to meet at an Australian bar nearby (if nearby is a 15 minute walk through a sex shop district). The bar was having a Hawaii night but it quickly became a lawsuit night as everyone in the bar except a handful of people were C-ute fans. The staff agreed to put on a cd and so with much drinking, chanting and waving of glowsticks a great time was had by all…much to the puzzlement of at least one driver outside who had a totally “what the fuck” look on her face.
Onto the Saturday and we had handshake tickets for the earlier session. People were allowed to take photos so a lot of cameras were there. The members were wearing the pirate outfits. Every last one of them looked amazing. As usual as soon as I was standing in front of them my mind went NHFDGHVVHCXZZZXXXXXXXXXZZ. The human version of the blue screen of death. I wanted to say how great C-ute were but instead with Maimi I just said “hello nice to meet you” and then did an okay sign with my fingers. Why? I don’t know. >< Anyway she said “nice to meet you” and also did the okay sign. Next was Nacky. She looked do beautiful. So did Maimi. I basically said “Hi. Nice to meet you” to all of them. Al said the same back I think. Except maybe Chissa who just looked a bit “ARGGH ENGLISH”. XD
We waited around afterwards for the session to end. I took a few pics and videos and then my girlfriend suggested we move to the other side of the stage so I could see Nacky better. Great idea! Just before the handshake session ended some people left and we were at the barrier. When the members left they went right by us just a couple of feet away. We got waves off them all and my girlfriend got hearts off Nacky and Airi.
The signing was such a buzz. We then went to the stall selling Hello! Project goods to buy more stuff. There was a good selection of things there. As well as C-ute photos, member shirts and mufflers, a special Paris t-shirt, badges, collection photos and so on there was also Momusu and Berryz goods for sale. When we got to the stall it turned out there were still some cd’s left. The cd’s have the handshake tickets in them. So yes you guessed it back to the handshake area we went for the second session. It was great to get the cd’s but I was a bit disappointed they hadn’t sold out. They should have done. 20 euros for a cd full of tracks the members chose AND a handshake ticket? Bargain!
For the second session I was more nervous going but calmer during it. In the queue a Japanese fan turned around and recognised us from the concert queue the day before. That day we had given out some ice creams (it was hot). He had accepted one. Today he mentioned it and then gave us both a gift. When we opened the bags I had Airi’s Auri-al book and my girlfriend had Maimi’s My Museum. So kind! 🙂 Idol fans can be such amazing people.
Anyway then it was time for the second handshake. My girlfriend was ahead of me and told Nacky I was from England. Nacky turned to me with a big smile. This time I basically said “C-ute saikou” to most of them. Maimi responded with a “C-ute saikou” and a fist in the air. Oh and a beautiful smile. I got the least time with Chissa again. They were so fast with her so I barely got to say anything.
So yeah I shook hands with all the members twice. I also got a heart from Chissa as they were leaving the second time. The whole experience was better than any amount if money could have ever bought. The concert was great, the handshakes were great, the girls were beautiful and charming and the fans were great. Everyone was so happy. Don’t ever take any notice of anyone who thinks idol fans are weird. These events were such happy and fun occasions. Everyone was so positive and happy. Can you say the same about people with “normal” hobbies like football or watching soaps? Everyone had so much fun. Everyone was so friendly. The girls are beautiful, super-talented and inspiring. Idols and the culture around them is wonderful. No Idols? No life. C-ute saikou! They are amazing girls in an amazing group. I am so glad I got to see them live and meet them. ❤

Some gets…


The book the Japanese fan in the handshake queue gave me…


Handshake pics…











15 responses to “C-ute in Paris

  1. “Everyone was so positive and happy. Can you say the same about people with “normal” hobbies like football or watching soaps?”

    This is best part of idol fandom. The whole point is to have fun and have your spirits lifted!

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  3. I’m glad you were able to make it to Paris for the show. It sounds like it was a fantastic event.

    I really like your positive comments about idol fans and culture. I’ve read a lot of *wotas are bizarre* type stuff lately and I’m a bit sick of the negativity. It’s refreshing to read about the positive side of the whole thing from a fan experience like yours.

    Thanks for sharing; I wish I could’ve been there!

    • Ah I hate the scapegoating of wotas. The vast majority I have met are great. The experiences are always so positive, fun, funny and just an amazing, wonderful buzz.

  4. That all sounds like a great experience!
    Thx for the detailed reports

    That’s really too bad that they didn’t sold out the cd’s… on the other hand it might be just a good sign of the event planner’s preparedness lol.

    I’m more curious about the overall attendance numbers. If you have to make a rough estimate, how many fans were there at the concert would you say? … and how many were following them around the whole day XD ?

    • I read a report from a Japanese paper that said 1300 were at the concert. As for following them around I am not sure. I spenty most of my time queueing. xD

      • Hmm the CDs not getting sold out got me a little worried (just a teensy bit) and the concert attendance numbers feels kinda indecisive to me without context, so let me rephrase.

        Was the concert hall filled to capacity? and on the same note how was the line during the handshake event?

        I just want this overseas trip(their first!) to be successful so bad. That way maybe they’d start doing that more often lol

  5. The concert hall wasn’t filled but it was a good and loud crowd. There was sapce at the back but it was still a decent turnout. The handshake event was done in such a way that the cd’s were sold so that the first 500 sold had the first 500 tickets in them. They were the tickets for the first handshake event. I’d say they maybe had 40 cd’s spare for the second handshake. So that would mean 960 out of 1000 handshakes maybe. There was also a lot of merchandise on sale and on the Saturday quite a bit had sold out. I got the last of one type of Nacky muffler, another Nacky one was already sold out. I got the last of a C-ute photoset too. There was sold out signs on quite a few things. I think overall it was a successful trip.

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