More C-ute in Paris

I wanted to put up some more pics so here they are. First up the queue to buy a cd (with handshake ticket) and other goods on the Thursday…


The Hello! Project goods stall had some Maimi costumes on display…

IMG_3134 IMG_3138 IMG_3139

I think someone made a spelling mistake with her name and had to correct it though. ><


A golden ticket…


Some goods…

IMG_3144 IMG_3145

Queueing at La Cigale…


It was hot!


The handshake…

IMG_3198 IMG_3203 IMG_3174 IMG_3176photo(1)photoIMG_3233 IMG_3232

The C-ute members looked so glowing in real life. Like even more beautiful than in pictures and videos. They were amazing. I think they enjoyed it all. When they left the concert venue Chissa was filming everyone on her phone and laughing and waving. 🙂 The whole trip was amazing beyond words. C-ute are amazing beyone words. C-ute saikou!


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