Michishige Sayumi Blue Rose Photobook Previews

Roses are blue, my cheeks are red.

Sayu is heavenly, I think I’m now dead.

WARNING! This post features photos of a totally gorgeous idol alongside text from a fanboying wota.

So yes Sigh YUMMY has a new pb coming out. Now long-time readers of this blog will know that I find Sayu both cute, funny and damn sexy. In fact nobody else in H!P has even half the sex appeal of Sayu. Add to that her humour and her cuteness plus her genuine love of Morning Musume (and Ai-chan) and you have one heck of an idol. Every one of her photobooks has been wonderful and this one shows no sign of being anything less than beautiful and mesmerising. Just look…

   Magazine, Michishige Sayumi-415149

Wow. Just wow. No wait…WOW! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Sayumi is such a beautiful woman. Her face and figure combine to make her simply breathtaking.

Magazine, Michishige Sayumi-414765

And I love that black outfit. Stylish and figure-hugging! ^^

Magazine, Michishige Sayumi-414766

Of course the bikini shoot is a must for most pb’s and with Sigh Yummy it’s always welcome. I find most idols lovely, cute and adorable. I can honestly say Sayu is the one exception. Well she is lovely, cute and adorable but she is also the one that oozes lashings of sex appeal…and “lashings” is a word that is used purposefully. 😉 It’s a mixture of her physical beauty alongside her (sometimes dirty) humour and her…knowing ways. This is an idol who enjoys having admirers. She is an idol who knows what makes the world go round. She has fun with it.

Magazine, Michishige Sayumi-414767

I’d follow her anywhere. >.>

Magazine, Michishige Sayumi-414768 

A pure beauty with a hint of sexiness. The way she is lifting aside her dress is very alluring.


Even in the simplest of clothes Sayu looks so pretty. Well even in a bin bag she would. Her beauty shines through. It leaps of the screen. (Okay these chequered dress pics are actually from the Momusu Zero photobook. But still nice. ^^)


Magazine, Michishige Sayumi-415150 Magazine, Michishige Sayumi-415207

Sorry I went speechless for a while. ^^

Ah Sayu is such a rose. She makes my thoughts blue. Oh…that’s why it’s called Blue Rose? 😀

Michishige Sayumi is someone who gives the impression that she loves being an idol and loves other idols too. A perfect leader. With a personality that can’t be ignored and with such physical beauty and a great sense of humour she really is the Queen of Hello! Project. Of course with her type of giggling and knowing humour and sharp tongue she is probably the Devil Queen of H!P as opposed to Ai-chan’s Angel Queen but a Queen none the less. She recently became the longest serving Momusu member of all time. I hope she stretches that reign for a long time to come!

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