Hamaura Ayano – Cute Trainee Picspam

My favourite Egg/Kens Sushi/H!P trainee is of course Tanabe Nanami. I have posted about her in the past though. But recently with pv’s such as the one below I’ve had more chance to check out the other trainees. One in particular stands out as a worthy second favourite. That is Hamaura Ayano.

Catchy song huh? The trainees have another one out soon which is equally as good. Unfortunately I can’t find a link to it right now.

Anyway of the other members for some reason Ayano stands out to me. She has a cute, impish quality to her. Somewhat reminiscent of Sakura Gakuin/Babymetal’s Mizuno Yui. She just looks adorable. So by way of demonstration have some good old-fashioned picspam..

 Hamaura Ayano-382888Hamaura Ayano-382887 Hamaura Ayano-382885 Hamaura Ayano-382886   Hamaura Ayano-383653Hamaura Ayano-382884Hamaura Ayano-382889 Hamaura Ayano-382890   Hamaura Ayano-381316Hamaura Ayano-407058Hamaura Ayano, Magazine-411056  Hamaura Ayano-409857Hamaura Ayano-405503

Hamaura Ayano-409856 Hamaura Ayano-421998 Hamaura Ayano-421999 Hamaura Ayano-426953

Cute huh? And here’s two of her with the lovely Nanami…

blog, Hamaura Ayano, Tanabe Nanami-423004blog, Hamaura Ayano, Tanabe Nanami-424860

Tsunku has recently suggested a new unit may be formed this year. I hope these two get into it. I was really disappointed when Nanami didn’t make it into Juice=Juice but I think being in a unit with Ayano would be great. A group with at least two adorable idols would be the best thing since sliced bread…early S/mileage. Here’s hoping!


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